June 11, 2018: Everyday Eddies

The Eds are the lone highlight of the lineup these days. Someone else needs to step up their game as well. Let Joe be the spark plug that wakes these other stiffs up.

11 thoughts on “June 11, 2018: Everyday Eddies”

  1. A big thanks to the WGOM donors for my ride this weekend (NBB, yicket, brians, ZG, and bjhess, for sure, if I missed anyone else I'm sorry!). Had a great ride with ideal weather conditions.

    Unfortunately, my riding buddy had his brain on autopilot at the very end and started turning where there was no turn, and he cut me off causing me to crash. While I came out remarkably unscathed (minor scrape on my elbow and some bruising in my elbow and wrist), it broke my chain, so I couldn't ride the final couple of miles. Bummer. There's always next year!

    1. I assume you nobly strider'd your way to the finish line, then?

      Wife did the MS TRAM as an adolescent a couple times with her Dad. One of those core-memory kinds of things for her.
      When life slows down...someday...she'd like to ride again and I could see us doing it together.

    1. If he doesn't have a wood paneled room in his basement with a sign proudly proclaiming it as "The Jake Cave", then he is not living his best life.

  2. Sleep update: last night, 8 hours, 56 minutes.

    I've been kicking some things around in my head about what I can do better. I don't want to say too much, because this could be a one-night anomaly. But, damn, that was a good feeling.

    1. For years and years I was the most restless sleeper, tossing and turning and waking up several times a night. Several years ago I tried using a Breath-Right before bed and it's made a world of difference. No more tossing and turning and I sleep clear through the night (as long as I limit my fluid intake before bedtime). Lately I'd been waking up, though, because my neck was hurting, so the wife got me a new pillow and it's way more better now.

      1. I have neck-related headaches sometimes and that included last night. I woke up about 4:30 and took some pain relievers and fell back asleep after about 1/2 hour. My alarm went off and I snoozed it a couple of times and then just turned it off and kept sleeping. I needed a couple of coffee badly when I woke up to pull me out of a groggy state. An amazing night's sleep. Best night of sleep that I've had in years.

  3. I had planned on going to see Hotel Artemis this evening, but for some reason the the hotel's shuttle will not drive across the state border into Council Bluffs, where the only nearby theaters are now that Midtown Cinema is closed. Less than 3 miles away. Go figure.

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