Game 63 — Old Gardys versus New Gardys Round 2

It seems like I just wrote this game log. Twins and Tigers battling for second place... Twins need to win these kind of games if they are going to make any noise in the later half of the season.... Fun playing against Gardy again... Basically the Twins have been treading water for a while now so it may be sink or swim time.

Jake Odorizzi on the mound for the Twins. I've liked what he's given the team, and expect more of the same tonight. Blaine Hardy on for the Tigers and he's been decent this year as well.

6:10p start time. Hopefully the #mprraccoon caper will be over and we can concentrate on some AL Central Division baseball.

38 thoughts on “Game 63 — Old Gardys versus New Gardys Round 2”

  1. I got home and went to take a leak. As soon as I was done, all of a sudden my back tightened up and I couldn't stand straight. I decided to see if I could get oh the bike and made it any 25 minutes. Long story short, I'm now laying in bed with a painful lower back and I'm instantly glad I finally got a TV in here.

      1. Me too. I've had it stiffen up mildly before, but it was always something that would go way after five minutes of sitting in a comfy chair. Never had anything like this though. Best case scenario is that I'm looking at a fairly uncomfortable day at work tomorrow.

        1. I had something that sounds somewhat similar once, shortly after we moved to Gettysburg. The worst of the pain was gone by the next day, but it was tender for several days afterward.

    1. It's a tough play. He has to respect the stands that jut out, if the ball hits short he has a mid-field carom, if it clears the stands it runs to the wall. Still, there was something a little _elmon about the play.

  2. The Twins seem to complain about the strike zone an awful lot. I suppose some of it's frustration, but they'd do better to take that frustration and turn into to some better batting.

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