42 thoughts on “Game 65: DAY GAME ALERT!”

  1. This is here. (and seriously, I'm not sure Jack has ever actually watched a baseball game in his life. Maaaaaaaybe his game 7, but that's it.)

  2. Lynn has, perhaps unsurprisingly, not pitched enough innings to qualify for the ERA title. After that changes today, he will likely own the second highest BB/9 in the major leagues, just behind the dumpster fire season Lucas Giolito has been putting in*.

    Also, the Eddies ride again!!

    * Seriously, I had him as one of my KEEPERS. smh.

  3. Note to Twins: When people talking about the importance of scoring in the first inning, they don't mean that it's the only inning in which you should score.

  4. I'd feel a lot better about this game if the Twins could get it out of one-run lead territory.

    1. Now one in scoring position even! I just hope this isn't considered a "late and close" situation.

        1. And, to be fair, with Dozier it doesn't seem to matter what the situation is for him to not get on base.

  5. Somehow, it's not at all surprising that John Hicks would get his only big league triple against the Twins.

  6. It's almost like you can't really expect to win a lot of games when you only score one run.

  7. When Cory says a player is barking at the home plate umpire, I like to imagine them actually barking.

    1. They need a new equipment manager, keeps bringing the ass-bats when everyone has been asking for ash-bats.

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