June 14, 2018: Dusty

Speaking of lost and terrified little creatures all alone out there in a cold and indifferent world, spare a thought for Opportunity as it braves the massive Martian dust storms.

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  1. So Reusse writes a column saying that NFL teams and MLB teams are all cowardly chickens for blacklisting Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid, and Luke Heimlich, respectively. Then, the majority of stribbers somehow think Heimlich's actions (to which he pled guilty!) are a forgiveable innocent mistake or didn't happen, while Kaepernick and Reid are only getting what they deserve. Uh huh.

    1. Hmmm... I wonder if there might be some physical trait that leads to those issues being different in the eyes of the Stribbers... Something that might make it ok to BLACKlist two of those players but not the other one... Hmmm....

  2. At the US/Canada border, sitting in a line. Traffic on the Canadian side moves steadily through. Going into the U.S is torture. So many dangerous Canadians to deter....

    1. When we re-entered the US following our cruise in January, we didn't even have to fill out a declaration form. We walked right through. The only question that we were asked was did we have any fruit. The ship had a Tiffany's shop on it. You can buy Tiffany jewelry on the boat and not pay duty or even be asked to declare what you are bringing in. So, there border patrol is apparently employing different standards in various locations.

    2. You have it a bit mixed up. Canada just wants to keep guns and criminals out, this doesn’t take much time. But the US wants to make sure that taxes are being collected accurately, and that takes longer.

    1. Buffalo to Toronto: Welcome to Canada, have a great time.


      And that was in 2013.

      I've said it before and often, but entering the US is by far way way worse than entering any other country I've been to*. And I'm American.

      *Never been anywhere too difficult to get into. Mostly Europe, Mexico and Canada.

      1. I was once detained with two friends for three hours while they tore everything out of my car (and tore the door panels out of my car) because we went there for a weekend for my bachelor party. We were in a glass room with a doctor from Afghanistan, who had clearly been there a lot longer than we had (and would be there a lot longer than we were). They would occasionally come in and grill him about why he was in Canada, and on one occasion, where he was from.

        Border Person: Where are you from?

        Doctor: Kabul

        Border Person (somewhat accusatory): Oh yeah? What large city is that by?

        Doctor (surprised, but clearly trying to not escalate the situation):...it's...it's the capital and largest city in Afghanistan...

        I left that day with a very, very dim view of border guards.

      2. When I was going through customs in Amsterdam, there was a line for those with something to declare and a line for those with nothing to declare. I was surprised to find out the line for those with nothing to declare was just a door into the airport.

      3. Always a problem at the rainbow bridge, only sometimes a problem at the falls. I used to joke about how the canadiens were like, “hi there foreigners! Do you have 50 bucks that you’re going to spend in Canada today? Yes! Come on in folks!”

    2. I once had the opposite situation. I flew into Toronto for a friend's surprise 40th Birthday. I was going to be in Toronto for less than 24 hours and literally didn't even bring a tote bag with a tooth brush or change of underwear on my person. I was shuffled through three different lines, each one with sketchier people before I was let out into the general public.

      1. Our line was split into two. The one on the left was staffed by a white woman. The one on the right by a burly, bearded white guy. We were in the white guy's line. He was literally processing one car for every 1.5 to 2 in the woman's line. Not sure whether he was profiling the brown people or just a dick.

        Anyway, he gave us the sixty eleven bullshut questions. Why the frick do you NEED to know why we were in Canada and for how long? We have nothing to declare and we are friggin Americans RETURNING TO OUR COUNTRY. LET ME THE EFF BACK IN, YOU JACKWIPE!

      1. Sano is obviously struggling, but I've been concerned for a while now that he's being made the scapegoat. As you point out, Morrison and Grossman are struggling, too, as well as everyone who's put on the catching gear, and Dozier and Kepler aren't doing a whole lot better. I understand that the Twins know things that I don't, but I don't think a lot of Class A pitchers have good sliders. I really don't see how having him bash that level of pitching for a couple of weeks is going to help him.

        1. I don't think it's because he's hitting at A-ball level. Instead, it's a rather low pressure environment, plus a wake-up call, to work on his swing. Fort Myers has the best facilities too.

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