FMD: 6/15/18 – You Be The Judge

I was in court all morning, so this post was much delayed.

Given the context of the delay, I'm asking you to be the judge... what music do you judge people for listening to/liking? Both favorable and unfavorable. This could be fun, right?

For example, I judge people for listening to Christmas music too early, and then turning it off immediately after Christmas too. Or I judge them harshly for liking "Last Christmas" at all. There are non-Christmas examples too, I suppose. Stop hassling me.

Or you don't really have to do this if you don't want. You could just drop a list. I'm not one to judge.

11 thoughts on “FMD: 6/15/18 – You Be The Judge”

  1. 1. Hercules and Love Affair feat. Antony “Blind” Hercules and Love Affair
    2. DJ Shadow “Midnight in a Perfect World” Endtroducing...
    3. Rihanna ft. Elephant Man “Pon De Replay (Remix)” Music of the Sun
    4. Boards of Canada* “Wildlife Analyis” Music Has the Right to Children
    5. Neneh Cherry “Kootchi (Air Remix)” Man Remixes

        a. White-winged Dove “Song” (Dan Gibson's 'Wildlife Identification by Sound')
    6. Björk “It's Not Up to You” Vespertine
    7. Mix Master Mike “Sektor Five” Anti-Theft Device
    8. Ben Charest “Belleville Rendez-Vous” Les Triplettes de Belleville
    9. Bat For Lashes “Sunday Love” The Bride
    T. Emmylou Harris “A Love that Will Never Grow Old” Brokeback Mountain

    4. A typo on the band's name just gave me a great idea for an all-female BOA tribute band (as if there's a market for that).

  2. I'd probably slightly judge someone if they told me they're into the "Bro"-country or whatever from a few years ago (is that still a thing?). "Big fan of that Nelly crossover."
    Stuff like this:

    But I dunno, we all have our reasons, histories, etc. There's layers to everything, and anything I haven't gotten into might have its features that I've dismissed.

  3. My recent background music has been a station based on The Interrupters. Judge away, but it's awesome.

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