Nice Game 69 — Red Sox and Twins

The Boston Red Sox come into Target Field for their annual sojourn to Minneapolis. After a blistering hot start, Boston find themselves in a virtual tie for first in the AL East with the Yankees. Given that they are 25 games over .500, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that either the Red Sox or Yankees will be one of the two AL Wild Card teams this fall.

Jose Berrios on the mound for the Twins and he’s been lights out again recently. Chris Sale for the Sox and has put up some good numbers. But it’s the Boston bats that the Twins need to worry about as the Red Sox lead the league in Slugging and among the league leaders in OPS, OPS+ and runs scored (5.08 runs per game). Oh and former Twin, and decent dude, Eddy Nunez playing second in place of the injured Dustin Pedroia.

Rain should let up by the 7:10p first pitch and given that Sales and Berrios work fast, it could be quick game.

49 thoughts on “Nice Game 69 — Red Sox and Twins”

  1. For a guy who was credited for 58 hit batters, Jack Morris sure talks a lot about how he drilled batters.

  2. It has been since May 10 that the Twins have followed a loss that followed a win with another win. In that time, they've had at least 7 losing streaks of at least 2 games. Makes it hard to win series.

    1. Not a passed ball. Very wild pitch by Berrios. Garver rightfully criticized for too many passed balls/wild pitches, but that one wasn't in any way his fault.

  3. Great play by Adrianza to save a run. He also saved a run in the first by getting to a ball in the hole and than smartly not trying to throw the batter out.

  4. Remember when the Twins used to be Sale Kryptonite? I think he found an antidote. Wow. He's got Rosario looking really bad. He ducked away from a fastball on the upper inside corner and then he took a fastball down the middle for strike three. Twins have their work cut out for them tonight. But hey, at least we have Taylor Motter in there. His hair could distract Sale.

  5. I really don't like that "show bunt and take the pitch for a strike". If you want to bunt, bunt. If not, hit the ball.

    1. When Trey was 10, his Little League manager would often call for him to show bunt and then take a pitch in hopes that it would distract the pitcher. It seemed to work sort of once in a while, but I wouldn't use that strategy at higher levels.

      1. Maybe we should give up a couple more, so we don't do further damage to our one-run record.

  6. Two on, none out, and our two best batters coming up. If we're going to score, now's the time to do it.

  7. Good day on the farm. Rochester wins 4-3, Elizabethton wins 6-1, the GCL Twins win 15-2, the DSL Twins win 13-4. Fort Myers is leading 8-7 after seven. Chattanooga and Cedar Rapids are not playing due to their leagues' all-star games.

  8. Big 8th inning set up by Mauer being hit by a pitch for the second time in the game. It was the first time in his career that had happened. It was just the 25th HBP of his career. He had none this year coming into the game. His career high for a season is 3.

    1. Nice. Good call. I have no doubt he would have gone for second if the ball wasn't misplayed and I don't think the scorekeeper is allowed to judge if he would have made, just if he would have tried.

  9. The Twins have still never lost a game when they had Taylor Motter in the starting lineup.

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