9 thoughts on “June 24, 2018: Sports At Breakfast”

  1. Since the game have been starting at 7 and 1, I have missed most of the action. Today I wanted to watch the games but I have taken two naps since waking up.

  2. I made a chuck roast on Thursday and this morning I put the leftovers to work and made roast beef hash. I just grate an onion, the cooked potatoes and a few carrots and chop up the meat (grandma used her hand cranked grinder and the consistency was always perfect but I don't have one). Salt, pepper, Worcestershire, olive oil and a little Half and Half. Mix in bowl, fry over medium heat in cast iron skillet, turning once, until the edges crisp up and a crust starts to form. Oh, man. Savory, sweet, salty and delicious.

  3. Crepes 2-ways.

    Savory: 1/2 regular flour 1/2 buckwheat flour batter. Toasted pork sausages with garlic, Gruyere cheese, and garden chives, Greek oregano. Topped with chopped shallots.

    Sweet: Crepes baked with confectioners sugar, lemon juice, then topped with sliced sauteed white peaches in vanilla with raspberries (this makes it Melba BTW), then topped with crème Fraiche and spiked with spicy honey.

    1. I'm intrigued by spicy honey. I make a firecracker shrimp with honey, oil and hot sauce that's dynamite, I love that sweet/hot flavor combo.

      1. Bobby Flay has made a fortune on honey(sweet) and chilis(hot). So much so, that it has become a running joke on the food network.

      2. we have a jar of a chile honey. Interesting stuff, but kind of limited in application. Does not go very well in tea, for example.

  4. back from a quick turnaround trip to LaLa to visit The Boy. He has a new apartment in NoHo, within easy walking distance from this place where we had breakfast. Oh, mama. I had the corned beef hash, which was outstanding under two perfectly cooked, over-easy eggs. I like my hash browns very crispy, and these could have been more done, but they were tasty. The Boy had the Blue Crab Benedict, which was excellent; the Mrs, the Basil Artichoke Scramble, also very tasty. I was pining for the Huevos and for the Chilaquiles, both of which looked fantastic, but was very happy with the hash. And good diner coffee.

    Last night we hit a sushi/Thai place. Ridiculous happy hour prices for appetizers ($4 for a decent-sized salmon skin roll; $10 for a sashimi platter with 10 pieces of fish, all very fresh; $5 for a fantastic, grilled Thai sausage) and drinks. And then excellent Thai dishes. I think I gained another 5 pounds.

    He's right in the NoHo Arts District, within about a two block walk from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and very near the historic El Portal Theatre.

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