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  1. Minor Details will not appear tomorrow. It may be back Saturday, or it may take a few days off and come back sometime next week. Nothing to be concerned about, just lots of things going on at the moment.

    1. What I find most striking when watching old footage like this, and there was another of San Francisco before the earthquake, is how freely people walked in the streets. The death machines hadn't yet taken over.

        1. My favorite part was the taxi nearly getting hit by the horse and bugy merging into its "lane".

  2. Twenty five years ago today the Mississippi River reached flood stage in St. Louis, with the official crest occuring on Aug. 1 at 49.58' above flood stage.

    1. The floods of '93, I seem to recall St. Louis got two big crests that year, no? I was producing at KARE then and at one point I wrote a generic flooding story that you could just fill in the blanks with the name of the town/river, flood crest measurement, dam/levee conditions, deaths/injuries/damages, etc. Basically a checkbox script.

      1. It crested more than once, yes, and we were lucky enough to be downtown at the arch on Aug 1st. There's a plaque that was placed on the side of the steps where the water line was, and it's incredible now to see just how far up the Mississippi was that day.

  3. The World Cup is great, but it would be 10x better as a double-elimination tournament. You might get a couple teams trying to get through on scoreless draws and blind luck in penalties, but at least one team is going to feel like playing to win, as opposed to situations like the end of the Japan-Poland game, with neither side bothering to risk attacking.

    Double-elimination makes even more sense when they move to 48 teams, because groups of 3 would be epically stupid.

  4. Seen in the parking lot at my grocery store: a shopping cart shoved up by a tree enclosure (a low concrete planter around a tree, basically curb height). LITERALLY next to a cart return corral.

    Really, you are so lazy that you will walk to the front of a parking spot to shove the cart over the curb, which was MORE WORK than walking next to the parking spot to put the cart in the cart return corral???

    1. And if you'd been there earlier, you'd have seen that the cart return was completely full prior to being emptied, so it was the next best place to leave it.

  5. Farm report:

    Rochester is going for a sweep of Syracuse. They won the first game 2-1 and lead the second game 7-5 in the seventh. Byron Buxton is 2-for-7 and Jorge Polanco is 4-for-7 with a triple. Nick Gordon put the Red Wings ahead in game two with a three-run homer, his first.
    Chattanooga lost to Tennessee 7-5. Brent Rooker was 3-for-4 with two home runs and a double.
    Fort Myers defeated Tampa 13-0. Caleb Hamilton was 3-for-4 with two home runs and a double.
    Cedar Rapids was rained out.
    Elizabethton is losing to Danville 11-1 in the ninth. Yunior Severino is 3-for-4.
    The GCL Twins lost to the Rays 12-11 in 11 innings. Janigson Villalobos was 3-for-3 with a triple and a double.
    The DSL Twins defeated the Phillies Red 8-2. Jesus Toledo pitched five innings, giving up one run on three hits and one walk. He struck out four.

  6. Map nerd alert:

    At work today, I got to see a very detailed map (that was about 3'x10' in size) for a freeway that MnDOT planned to build in St. Paul in the early 1960's, but that never happened. Frankly, I never even knew this freeway was once supposed to exist (unlike I-335 that was planned but never got built in NE Mpls, but which I knew about). Super cool stuff.

    Basically, it would have jutted north from I-94 where Highway 61 currently goes south (east of down St. Paul about 2 miles) and head north for a couple of miles before veering east through Oakdale. It would have been part of Highway 212 (back when that extended past its current eastern terminus at 169/62), but, when it never was built, the old Highway 5 was built instead (but not as a highway)

      1. Sadly, no. I doubt I'll ever see it again. Then again, I believe they have a map room in the basement of its building on John Ireland, so you might be able to walk over there and find access to a similarly cool old map. but I don't know how accessible it is to the public.

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