53 thoughts on “Game 83: Minnesota at Milwaukee”

  1. Dazzle says we're seeing some poor at-bats and poor approaches from the Twins batters lately. I don't dispute that, I just think it's remarkable that he said it. I've been generally impressed with the professional job Provus and Gladden have been doing on the games during all this losing.

  2. Among the other things the Twins don't do well, they don't seem to steal bases very well, either.

  3. Dazzle says of the roof, "Once they close it, they can't reopen it." Why would that be?

      1. Think of the fun Bill Veeck could've had with a retractable roof! Until they made him stop, anyway.

        1. The Twns were once accused of manipulating the fans at the Metrodome to blow in or out when advantageous to the Twins.

            1. Whoever didn't have it blowing in while Eric Fox was at bat in 1992 hopefully was fired.

  4. Sounds like the Twins got a break on that challenge. Well, we need all the breaks we can get.

    1. I think so. The play was so close you can't really argue it was a bad call either way.

    2. The umpire was so quick and certain about the out call that I figured he saw something that the TV didn't see.

  5. Why would they not have put air conditioning in the stadium? Just trying to do it on the cheap?

  6. So far, the Twins' run expectancy with a man on second and none out has been zero. Let's see if they can change that this inning.

  7. Productive out. But they've not scored with a man on third and one out, either.

  8. I'm out. I may be back, depending on how long the game goes. Let's get some runs!

    1. I wasn't too thrilled with the two-minute, chest-pounding "look at me, everybody" celebration after the catch, but then, I'm an old man. It's also quite possible I wouldn't have minded it nearly as much if it had been done by somebody on my team, rather than on the other team.

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