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As mentioned yesterday, I've been surfing a premium streaming service, which is basically a first for me. I don't think I'll use it for suggestions, but more to chase down the thousands of things I hear of and want to hear.

I kind of wonder where I pick up all this music along the way. Don't listen to any music radio (though NPR is good for new suggestions), not getting any from anyone at work. I guess most of my inspiration to check out new stuff comes from here. Either from the FMD (the few of you that still post 10s), or trying to find something interesting for the daily video post. Amusingly, I've gotten myself into a ton of stuff by running down something new to play. I'll post something the night before, find it's still stuck in my head in the morning, and then we go from there.

Where do you pick up most of your inspiration to pick out new music?

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  1. Might as well keep this up from yesterday. All of these albums are new to me. No one's at work again today, so feel free to toss out some suggestions.

    Play History (updating):

    Let's Eat Grandma - I'm All Ears: Dense and weird. Definitely going to need to come back to this one.
    King Princess - Make My Bed: Not sure if this one's a fit for me (nor do I think I'm the target market). Pretty bloated production.
    Snail Mail - Habit: Okay. Hopefully the new album is a little more lively.
    Christine And The Queens - Christine And The Queens: Keepin the lady train going. Liked their song on the Summer Mix. Always time for some good synth pop.
    Moses Sumney - Aromanticism: I never gave his EP the plays it deserved. Album is real good, if a little sullen. Drawing on a lot of influences. Also needs more listens.
    Toots & The Maytals - Sweet And Dandy: Another Summer Mix inspiration. This is the good stuff. Definitely need more of this.
    Matt Maltese - Bad Contestant: Speaking of, heard an interview with this guy on ATC. Definitely seems like something Ari Shapiro would like. Not bad, leaning into the wry British guy thing a little too much.

    1. I really enjoyed my first spin of the new Guts Club, I'd say to check that out. There's a full band this time, so I can see more people getting into it that way, but it is still a pretty weird project. If you haven't listened to the new album by Shopping, definitely listen to that. It's killer.

      1. didn't have the new album, so it will have to be the one before it (but that's not on bandcamp?).

        got the other one though. happy to have more summer mix inspired albums.

    2. Another bossless busywork day.

      Perfume Genius - Learning: I should probably check out their later stuff as the debut is a little sparse, but I liked the songwriting.

    3. Going to need some suggestions today. Not sure what to play.

      Bodega - Endless Scroll: Very Parquet Courtsy with more irreverent themes and lyrics.

        1. U.S. Girls - In a Poem Unlimited: This was fantastic. I went through one of their previous albums a few times awhile back but it didn't stick. This will.

        2. Playboi Carti - Die Lit: I don't have a whole lot to compare it to (closest for me would maybe be Young Thug?), so I'm probably missing the nuance that makes everyone like this so much. It was good, but I'm probably missing the finer details. Two new things today: first time I heard the term "mumble rap" and that was the first time I actually heard Cardi B perform. Also, Fun Fact: I originally thought her name was a play on "Cartier", the jeweler. Like "Cardi A", but she's "Cardi B"...? No? Just me?

          1. I thought the same thing about Cardi A vs B. Maybe she has her A Cardis in the drawer with her B Cardis on the table, flipping the script on Sleigh Bells.

  2. This is a topic that depresses me. I used to get new music from all over: The Current was big, but also other radio, TV/movies/commercials, reading about it, random links to things when listening to other music, recommendations from friends and family, etc. But now I pretty much don't get new music. Even the things on this site, far too often I make a note to check them out and then it doesn't happen. My kids getting older has seriously affected the time and energy I have for exploring new music.

    'The obvious:' SelectShow
    1. When your kids get old enough to want to use the computer as much as you do, it gets harder and harder to curate one's iTunes/iPod lists.
      HPR has his first real new game since Minecraft... World of Warships. PC Only from what I can tell. Seems to teach 20th Century naval history in addition to being a sortof first-person fighter. But the first-person POV is as a warship captain/gunner/other position on ship. No human carnage, just explosions, fires, smoke, and sinking ships. He also knows he's on close watch and if his behavior declines, it's going away.
      It beats the other game he was interested in... "Fortnight" (?).

      1. Fortnite. The jalapeno and his friends all talk about it, but as far as I can tell none of them are* actually allowed to play it.

        *I think it's grammatically correct to instead say "none of them is," but oh well.

  3. Good topic. I do get new music from The Current and here to some extent, especially the videos. Unfortunately I'm at an age where my tastes are pretty hardened and rarely hear a new artist that just kills it for me. It's an interesting study in aging I would imagine.

  4. Working from home, I don't spend much time in the car at all, but the Lindenwood University radio station has had more than one new(er) tune catch my ear. Otherwise it's pretty much Pandora.

    Haven't done a random 10 it a while; here goes:

    1. "Corynorhinus" by Hans Zimmer and James Howard Newton, Batman Begins soundtrack
    2. "S-Scape" by Synergy, Reconstructed Artifacts
    3. "Ben" by Trevor Rabin, National Treasure soundtrack
    4. "Heightened Awareness" by Steve Morse, Prime Cuts
    5. "Daisy Jane" by America, History: America's Greatest Hits
    6. "None of Them Are You" by Thomas Newman, The Adjustment Bureau soundtrack (love this one)
    7. "Children Children" by Wings, London Town
    8. "Oil" by Eno, Mobius & Rodelius, After the Heat
    9. "Survival" by Yes, Yes
    10. "Almost Dark" by Roger Eno, Between Tides

    01. “A Violent Noise” – The xx I See You
    02. “Heads Roll Off” – Frightened RabbitThe Midnight Organ Fight
    03. “All The Way Down” – KelelaHallucinogen EP
    04. “Stellar” – Jamila WoodsHeavn
    05. “A Hundred Highways” – Dirty Beaches Badlands
    06. “New York Telephone Conversation” – Lou ReedTransformer
    07. “Don’t Wake Me Up” – Lianne La HavasIs Your Love Big Enough?
    08. “22. Variatio 21. Canone alla Settima. a 1 Clav.” – Glenn GouldBach: Goldberg Variations
    09. “Tonya Harding (In E♭ Major)” – Sufjan StevensTonya Harding
    10. “Hey Mami” – Sylvan EssoSylvan Esso


  6. I follow a ton of bands/artists on Twitter, and often times I'll check out things by their friends. I also am a pretty big fan of chasing down stuff by label. I regularly read Tom Breihan's album of the week column on Stereogum. He has pretty similar tastes to mine, and he always has a list of stuff coming out per week. I also read Tiny Mix Tapes to find some of the more niche interests I have. Then I just dump anything that sounds interesting in a playlist on Spotify, and check things out as I have time. That annual playlist is where I pull my 10s from.

  7. 1. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy with Thomas A. Minor and the Picket Line “You Remind Me of Something” 2008.07.26 Funtown, Jeffersontown, KY (Audience Recording)
    2. Lamb “Górecki”* Lamb
    3. Hello Saferide “Last Night”
    4. Colin Stetson “Like Wolves on the Fold” All This I Do for Glory
    5. Prince and the Revolution “Take Me With U” Purple Rain

    6. Tracey Thorn “Joy (Acoustic)” Joy (single)
    7. Robyn “Show Me Love” Robyn Is Here
    8. Outkast “Hey Ya!” The Love Below
    9. Neneh Cherry “Kootchi (Air Remix)” Man Remixes
    T. Kabbalist “Down In Jamaica” Down in Jamaica
    E. Björk “Hyperballad” Post

    2. The use of this song in the movie "Moulin Rouge!" quite surprised me.

  8. 01. Culture Abuse - "California Speedball" from Bay Dream
    02. BAMBARA - "Sunbleached Skulls" from Shadow on Everything
    03. Murs - "A Lean Story" from A Strange Journey Into the Unimaginable
    04. Mammoth Grinder - "Locust's Nest" from Cosmic Crypt
    05. Beach House - "Lemon Glow" from 7
    06. Calexico - "Eyes Wide Awake" from The Thread That Keeps Us
    07. Long Neck - "Mine/Yours" from Will This Do?
    08. Lil B - "Swag 4x" from Platinum Flame
    09. Swae Lee - "Red Wine" from Swaecation
    10. Jpegmafia - "Germs" from Veteran

      1. For what it's worth I'm not sure I do either? This is the first record of theirs I've gotten into. It's good, but I don't understand why it gets as much praise as it does. That being said, the song I pulled here is the best song on the record and is a certified banger.

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