18 thoughts on “July 7, 2018: A New Hope”

  1. Okay, there still are a lot of great things about this team.

    1. A few years back (ok, quite a while ago) my nephew had a similar interaction with Carlos Gomez (minus the injury part). I'll always like that guy because of it.

      1. My brother loved Shannon Stewart because he gave him a handful of Bazooka gum from the bucket in the dugout.

  2. Brett Graves, local boy who I know, picked up his first decision (loss, unfortunately) in the Marlins' 16 inning affair against the Rays earlier this week. He was the last man standing, putting four innings in before the roof collapsed. Even got an AB, which he'd been hoping for.

    1. I like the occasional commemorative stamp, but I’d be fine if the USPS went back to monochrome line drawings on cream backgrounds for a while.

          1. First match I've watched, really. When Russia scored to tie it on the side kick after the yellow card, I thought for sure the fix was in.

            1. One of the commentators was very quick to say "you can't script this." at the end of extra time, and considering the country involved, I'm not sure the fix wasn't in, I think they just screwed it up.

              In soviet Russia, match fixes you!

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