42 thoughts on “GREAT 88: Royals @ Twins”

  1. I wouldn't say "undeserved". Somewhat unimpressive, maybe. But you can only play the team on your schedule, and the way we've been going, I'm happy to be able to beat anybody.

  2. Alcides Escobar's terrible bunt was on his own. He had looked down to third base and the coach gave him no signs besides a clap.

  3. Playing "Camptown Races" when Duda struck out was a nice touch.

    Also, Yost should realize this strike zone has been just as "high" with Duffy on the mound.

  4. Well, we'll take it. It's nice to have somebody on the other team get picked off for a change.

  5. Man, Rosario shouldnt have been swinging at pretty much any ofnthose, but he can spoil a pitch he has no business swinging at better than just about anyone on the team.

  6. Molitor opts for Hildenberger hitting over A-Stud doing what he's done 245 times in the minors.

    1. what's the point of having a third catcher if you'd rather have a horrible defensive catcher in the game and lose the DH?

  7. Joe's five plate appearances (balls excepted):
    One called strike, then a single
    Two called strikes, then a foul tip
    Two called strikes, then a groundout
    One called strike, then a single
    Two called strikes, then a single

    No wasted swings!

  8. In case I haven't stressed this enough, Fernando Rodney's entrance is beyond amazing.

    1. Oh, it was better than advertised. I’m thrilled to have seen it in person, and I think I was close enough to hear Dick shouting, “get off my lawn”.

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