22 thoughts on “July 9, 2018: A Little Color”

    1. Remember when the refrain on _elm_n was that he was “still only 25”? Well, Eddie’s only 26, and he’s accrued more rWAR this season than _elm_n did over his entire career. After a poor showing in the outfield last season despite hitting well & a merely average 2015 while he was sophomore slumping, I’m pleased to see he’s in the black for DRS, UZR/150, and b-ref dWAR. I don’t know how much better Eddie can get, but he’s finally put it all together in one season.

      1. Andrew Wiggins has officially taken over the "He's only xx years old!!" mantle for MN athletes.

        1. Andrew Wiggins has officially taken over the "He's only xx years old!!" mantle for MN athletes.

          This is correct .

  1. There’s some pretty pathetic stuff on b-ref’s 2018 Twins page. One of is the “(DFA)” notation next to the team’s to-date primary center fielder; I’m far more worried about how Buxton’s situation affects the team’s future than I am Sanó’s. Another is the number of regulars with a below-average OPS+, which is plenty frustrating, but no surprise. But the one that really sticks in my craw is the realization that Bobby Wilson will probably reach 100 PA in his next couple games, and he’s got a 22 OPS+ to show for it. Jason Castro couldn’t even manage that depth of futility with a hamburger knee this spring.

    1. I am completely mystified as to why Bobby Wilson has played so much. Even if he's as good as they claim he is at defense, it still makes no sense.

      1. Indeed; it’s a fair question whether Wilson’s batterymates are better hitters than he is, honestly. When Wilson starts, maybe Molitor should try to use the DH for his catcher instead.

      2. It makes sense if your front office has secretly approached this season with a plan to be a "seller" at the trade deadline. I don't think they were necessarily rooting to lose, but I am 100% positive that they came in positioning themselves to be in a good position to sell if the team did not do well. Once Sano and Buxton faltered, and Santana's glorious return got pushed waaaaay back, I think we went into NBA tank mode. Bobby Wilson is exhibit A. I would be shocked if we don't aggressively unload anyone who is marketable. Dozier will be gone. Thinking maybe Grossman, a couple veteran starters and relievers will be gone as well. I am ok with that at this point, but it sure feels like we gave up a bit early. Hopefully they get some real talent in return and we can look forward to next year (a common feeling around these parts).

        1. Even if you assume we gave up, I don't understand why you wouldn't play Garver and Astudillo and see if they're going to be able to help. I guess maybe if you've already decided that they won't then it doesn't matter. Even then, though, maybe they'd play well enough that you'd get something for them. You sure won't get anything for B_bby Wils_n.

    2. At least we've only only got one player in our starting lineup batting below the Mendoza line.....and it's our DH....crap.

      I rag on Garver plenty for his truly abysmal defensive skills*, but at least he's been an above average hitting catcher. I have no idea why, of all the "defensive first" catchers out there, we've chosen to field one that is allergic to hitting the ball.

      * He's still giving up lots and lots of wild pitches, but no longer at quite as catastrophic a pace as he was earlier this year.

      1. BP says he's been below average, but so far only -0.8 runs. Looking at the entire leaderboard, he's listed at 89th out of 98. But, there isn't a huge range. #1 is +2.3 runs while poor Lucroy is last at -4.2 runs. There are only four below -2 runs and two above +2 runs.

        They are much lower on his ability to frame, but he's been better than he was last year. Somehow, he's also 89th in this too. Number 90?

        90th best framer SelectShow

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