Game 89 — Royals at Twins

Nothing fixes a reeling baseball team like a homestand against the 2018 Orioles and Royals as Twins look to add to their 5 game win streak. Aaron Slegers on the mound for the Twins after a nice outing last week. He also pitched decently six weeks ago against the Royals. Ian Kennedy pitching for KC and his 1-8 record reflects pitching for a team already 40 games (!) under .500 on July 10th.

First pitch at 7:10 at Target Field, weather should be nice and clear by that time too.

32 thoughts on “Game 89 — Royals at Twins”

  1. Willians Astudillo is again on the bench. He has played a total of three innings in the last week, the last three innings of Sunday's blowout. Last night, the Twins gave up their DH rather than put him in the game. I like A-Stud, and he's done well in his limited chances, but there's no point in having him around if they're not going to play him.

  2. Ervin Santana struck out six in five innings for Chattanooga tonight, giving up two runs on two hits and no walks. I wonder if he'll be ready to take this spot in the rotation Sunday.

  3. Good discussion between Cory and Danny on beating the shift. Cory referenced that batters say their job is to hit for power, not hit singles. Danny isn't having it.

      1. I agree. There are times, of course, when swinging for power is the right thing to do. But most of the time, if the other team is giving you a base hit, the smart thing to do is take it.

        1. It's the smart thing to do pretty much for any hitter, although that study was done by someone who never played the game. As far as this team, I don't think there is anyone I'd rather have swing away when a single is for the taking.

          1. I think there are times I want them swinging for power. If Morrison comes up with two out and none on, I don't have a big problem with him trying to get himself into scoring position, especially when the bottom of the order is coming up.

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