17 thoughts on “July 10, 2018: The WGOM”

  1. In honor of this milestone, the Twins are holding a home run derby! Fingers crossed that the weather cooperates; my parents are going to bring my boys downtown to check it out.

  2. So, this gentleman's plight showed up on a share in my book of face feed today. For years, we has our local health department inspector/sanitarian. Very difficult to work with, very confrontational. The past 6 years or so he has taught the food safety licensing classes out of a house in the town AMR has family in just south of me. Not someone I would suspect would be huffing in an Iowa Walmart parking lot, but hey, we all have hobbies I guess.

  3. I wanna pick up on something Zoom was laying down in the other thread...

    It makes sense if your front office has secretly approached this season with a plan to be a "seller" at the trade deadline. I don't think they were necessarily rooting to lose, but I am 100% positive that they came in positioning themselves to be in a good position to sell if the team did not do well.

    I think this is entirely true. The one-year deals they signed with free agents were classic seller moves. I don't know that any of them have really paid off, and I don't know that I love the choices they've made, but I completely understand them. Falvey and Levine are still working with a farm system that isn't really their own. They want to populate it with guys that they've picked, that they believe in. And to that extent, I'd say maybe it's less "seller" mentality and more of a "put our own stamp on the franchise" mentality. I don't know that I agree with the guys they'll pick over what came before, but I don't know that I'll disagree either. I am excited to see what they could get back in trades though.

    1. I agree but, like you mentioned, nearly all of the signings have underperformed. I don't think they'll bring in much.

    2. I'm not buying the idea that trading veterans for prospects implies the front office doesn't like the current prospects. I sure hope they want the best players, regardless of how they came to be in the organization.

      1. I don't mean to suggest some sort of universal "they like them or they don't" approach. But it makes sense that they'd be more bullish on some and less bullish on others than the previous front office. Given the differences in how the front offices appear to be run, they almost certainly value the prospect differently than TR & Co.

    1. Meanwhile, the Giants lose to the Cubbies thanks to a "wild pitch" and throwing error (ball in dirt that bounces off the catcher's chest a few feet up the third base line, then a wild throw to third to try to get the runner from second trying to advance to third).

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