37 thoughts on “July 11, 2018: Happy News”

  1. "Minor Details" will be taking a couple of days off. If I have time it will come back Saturday. If not, it will come back sometime next week. Again, no cause for concern, just some things I need to take care of.

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  2. Remodel update. We left for vacation 10 days ago. On the drive up north we received a call from our flooring folks. Turns out the wife was right to keep saying "that floor looks darker than what we picked out" … they installed the wrong flooring! Yes, she and the installers triple checked all the model numbers and labels. Turns out it was a packaging error across all 5 manufacturing facilities across the country.

    They put in a rush order for the correct stuff, which they were told would go through "extra steps of quality assurance." This was to try to get it all installed before appliances, final cabinet setting, and countertops. Tuesday the installer picked up the new flooring order and…same error! Whoop!

    So everything delayed … at least we didn't have to sit in the house for a week living with no forward movement.

    Hoping to get appliances today. It would be pretty delicious if the incompetent appliance salesman we've worked with turns out to be the only one in this process to get everything right. I'm not going to bet on it, but 🤞.

    When will we have our actual floor installed? Still no clue!

    1. Thankfully our hardwood color was from staining and not an original color, so we had fewer middlemen to mess that up. Good luck with the whole project!

      Our dishwasher arrives on Friday sometime; what are the odds I can install it with no problems? I'm highly optimistic, but we'll see...

    2. Definitely a major error on appliance delivery. I won’t get into it...maybe it’ll resolve sooner than I expect. Maybe!

    1. So is your alert to make us aware of a day game or to make sure we don't accidentally cross its path?

  3. Well, this is a new one. Took my car into the shop to repair a power steering hose and the mechanic lost my key. I lost the other key to the car years ago, so now we wait for a locksmith to make a new key I guess.

      1. Fob/key, but at least it isn't a proximity key.

        The guy's been great about it, is going to make two keys for me at his cost. But pretty inconvenient to be out of a car for another day.

          1. As we're finding out. Wife lost her set of keys so now we're down to only a single key for my car until we locate the valet key.

            1. That's why I've procrastinated so long and rolled the dice with just a single set of keys (no valet key, even). Finally bit me after a few years!

              1. I lost my main key to my last car in a traffic movie theater recliner incident and the other fob battery was dead, so I was down to using the valet key because those VW replacements are like frickin $250. Eventually the manual door lock froze up so I had no choice but to never lock the car for about the last two years I owned that thing. If course, it was rusty and had some bad bondo work on the front left fender, plus the aftermarket head unit I put in was probably worth more than the car itself and it was a manual. So it was like the safest car to not lock in the modern age.

  4. I'm back in the crescent city, but missing the homeland. The summer sausage from Schmidt's Meat Market will help ease the pain I feel.

    1. Okay, it was actually German Beer Sausage, not the standard Summer, and it is fracking delicious. Pairs well with beer.

        1. This reminds me that I have a couple of pounds of genuine north country venison summer sausage in the freezer.

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