18 thoughts on “Game 92. Rays at Twins”

  1. I took a break from the dishwasher installation and checked the box score, and was pleased to see Joe had a hit and a walk. Then I saw the score had changed, and suddenly Joe's line had encountered an inflationary period. Boom!

  2. Dozier on second with no outs, and I really wish Provus wouldn't mention the bunt, even when he says it's not in play with Escobar up. He's already in scoring position.

    And a single brings him in.

  3. I gotta say. I want Buxton back and all, but Cave is holding down the fort pretty well. I wouldnt mind him as a backup outfielder.

  4. Twins went the first 79 games of the season without scoring 10+. They have done it 3 times in the last 12.

  5. Apparently, the official scorer decided to invoke the "we'll give the win to whoever we damned well please" rule to give the W to Hildenberger. Can't say i blame them.

    1. That is the actual rule when the starter doesn't go 5 but leaves with the lead and the bullpen maintains it. Hildy was definitely the best of the Twins relievers.

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