20 thoughts on “July 13, 2018: Freaky Friday”

  1. I see the AL were allowed to participate in the HR Derby, too.

    So, while at my LCS* Wednesday night I saw Kyle Schwarber lay down a beautiful 2-out, 2-strike bunt in the 9th inning of a tie ballgame. Not sure what prompted it, but still had to admire the execution of it.

    1. I saw that. In 5 weeks I will be doing the last 15 miles of the SHT. I will then have hiked the whole 310 mile route.

      1. I hiked the Eagle Mountain trail with the family. I was worried about the kids doing the 7 mile hike. I should have been worried about myself. They were usually so far ahead of me that I couldn't see them.

  2. I have uvulitis again. The good news is that I didn't wake up with the crushing terror and hopelessness this time, because I already knew what it was, and the recommended anti-inflammatories did their job without me first exacerbating the problem by trying to cough my uvula out of my mouth.

    I really need to drink more water, because dehydration is almost certainly the cause.

  3. For anyone interested in the library matter we discussed a while back... the landlord found some of the books/movies they threw out, the client paid a part of the outstanding fee, and the landlord picked up the rest. The case was dropped today. A good result, all around.

  4. I've been craving Moscow mules lately. (because it's stupid hot again). I finally got an actual copper mug for it. Makes me feel like a true hipster.

    1. I'm firmly in the (upper) middle class and middle age. Copper mugs. They get pulled out pretty much every friday and saturday around here. The Mrs. likes a lot of lime (juice of a whole lime per mug), and it's if it's not Bundaberg, it ain't getting mule-d.

        1. I drink mine fast enough that it doesnโ€™t matter, but the copper chills quickly and helps keep the drink extremely cold.

          Mixed with vodka, Irish or Canadian whiskey, Goslings Black Seal ... I go through more ginger beer in a week than Diet Cokes in a month.

          1. I definitely noticed a difference because of how cold it stayed compared to a glass. So far it seems worth the purchase.

            1. What about one of them fancy vacuum mug thing things? Seems as good or better, plus you could explore many different aesthetics depending on your tastes.

            2. Hipster thing, totally.

              The mugs don't keep anything colder. Unless yours are double-walled, insulated mugs.

              Metals generally are CONDUCTORS, not insulators. The outside feels cold because it has conducted heat to the drink (and pulled heat from your skin, Because Conductor) not because it is extracting heat from the drink. Heat flows, cold doesn't.

      1. Gosling's is the best they had at the local grocer, but I'll second Bundaberg. The weird pull tab is a fun bonus to getting it.

            1. Meat's recipes always deserve callbacks.

              Also, you gotta let it go until you are deathly afraid of bursting... ๐Ÿ˜›

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