19 thoughts on “July 15, 2018: The World Ends”

    1. Same. Also their awesome jerseys. Plus France was pretty shameful at the end of the semifinal. They've already started with the diving today.

      1. Younger Daughter and a friend are watching at Brits Pub. They were there when the doors opened at 8:00 a.m. Not sure if they carry Ožujsko there, though.

        1. I hope they're rooting for France, otherwise at least the right type of establishment to be disappointed in a world cup match.

    1. It's nice that France has scored a couple goals by actually playing soccer. VAR still sucks though.

  1. just got back from Ocean's Eight. Perfectly enjoyable, disposable summer flick. Cast was great.

    1. We opted for Sorry to Bother You. Yeah, that is one of my favorite movies of the year.

      1. After going to a ton of movies in the theater over consecutive weekends, J & I stayed in to watch a movie this weekend. We watched Blockers which was shockingly full of heart. We both teared up several times. Yes, the movie where John Cena butt chugs a 40 is the sweetest coming of age teen sex comedy I've ever seen.

        1. I wonder how many hits on Netflix one would get with a search for "sweet coming of age teen sex comedy"

          1. I thought Super Bad did a nice job of having the underlying sweet story amongst the raunchy teen sex comedy.

        2. Agreed on Blockers. I expected dumb comedy with maybe a laugh or two, but it was much more than that.

  2. To celebrate the end of the world cup we made tamales. Everything you've heard about how hard it is to make tamales is bunk. Yeah, it takes some time, and some practice, but it's not hard work in the least. Recipe to follow.

    1. mmm, tamales.

      I've never made them. They don't look super hard (from the shows/videos I have seen), but do seem like a lot of work. Best done with a crew and to make a zillion. Because Tamales.

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