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    1. Great story. And as it indicates, Dells PBR has been an amateur baseball powerhouse in South Dakota for a long time.

  1. As a baseball fan and a patriotic American and a baby boomer who came of age during Vietnam and a marketing professional, I juggle several different perspectives in my head on the now ubiquitous displays of ardor for the military at professional sporting events. But this one from a retired USAF Lt. Colonel and other veterans probably comes closest to capturing what I feel in my heart.

    1. Thanks for sharing this Twayn. It’s an extremely important (and I think accurate) message that not enough people seem to think about.

      1. the parent of one of the Girl's classmates (and fellow cross-country runner) is a scout for the Vikings. He shared a nice little tribute to Sparano on the bookface. This is a family loss for him.




    or probably not at that defcon level.

    anyway, the Boy used a buttload of Gorilla Tape to tape shut all of the exterior seams on the sunroof to "his" vehicle, which is now back in my possession, prepping for sale to some unsuspecting sucker nice person in need of an economical purchase.

    It appears that the problem probably was clogged drain holes, which I've more or less cleared. But now I have a lot of Gorilla Tape goo to remove from the roof area. Thoughts on best methods to do this without stripping the paint/further damaging the seal?

        1. i was at a st. vincent concert at a smaller club years ago watching the show while leaning against one of the side bars. suddenly, a strong smell filled my nostrils and i was transported back to my ice cream slinging days a decade before. i turned around and demanded the barback holding a rag tell me what that powerful aroma was.

          she replied, "uhh, simple green?"

        2. Trust me, the adhesive on Gorilla Tape laughs at Simple Green. I know, because I used about a quart of it washing the car.

          I am now on my second 6-oz can of Goof Off (it's xylene and acetone -- seriously nasty stuff). But I've almost got the shit cleaned off the car.

          Next question -- do I just throw away the microfiber cloths I used, or can I Simply Green them to a state at which they would be safe to run through the washing machine? I'm leaning throw them away....

    1. Either of those is fine. You want to avoid any strong petroleum solvents as they can dissolve the clear coat.

  3. Funny, we were sitting around watching Chopped the other night and my wife says that she should take a cooking class from a chef. This cut to the bone, as "chef" was my vocation the first 5 years we were married, and technically the last 3.5 years of menu development and operations responsibilities at the new joint. So, after a good chuckle, I offered to spend a night a week teaching my wife and daughter cooking class. Tonight, we made Salmon Ceviche with an avocado cucumber pico, serrano peppers, and rice. Sort of like a Salmon Poke Bowl. It was amazing. Pretty basic, but we covered knife skills, skinning Salmon, and cooking with acid versus heat.

  4. Today dr. Chop and I celebrate 12 years of legal marriage and 18 years togetherness. I’m burning a couple steaks after grill baking a couple of taters served with an arugula blue cheese salad. It’s good to be alive.

  5. Dryer update: the aluminum tubing was too long (about fifteen feet) , too bendy (two 90 degree turns) and too flimsy for the brush to do its thing, so i went into the crawlspace to remove it and bring it out onto the lawn for proper cleaning.

    Oh, it was clogged, alright. It was also full of holes and badly deteriorated, with big piles of sopping wet lint in it.

    I threw it all away and went and bought some new tubing. Seems to be working.

    1. Well then, update on the dishwasher; an electrical connection to the circulation pump was poor, and the repairman was able to correct it without pulling the unit out.

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