12 thoughts on “July 24, 2018: Parcel”

  1. That is the most.
    Is that subtle paisley as sweet in real life as it appears on this image?

  2. I overpaid a bit (for me) but won an auction for an autographed card of a Twins player that I didn't have yet but was actively watching for (I battey'd who it was 😉 ) -- it was a "cut" card in that they take someone's signature from another item (letter, check, or other where the autograph can be certified) and they embed that signature into a baseball card. This is usually done with deceased players who did not have the opportunity to sign their own cards while alive. I was tickled to win it, but was bummed that I missed out on a second hard-to-get cut auto that I'd been looking for that went for $37: Bob Allison.

  3. Got back from KC late Sunday night. We took in the game at Kaufman Saturday evening. I very much enjoyed the ball park - I do love a nice open view (one thing I lament about Target Field), and it really wasn't a bad game, despite the final outcome. Learned Russel Stover was a KC thing, so stopped at a store on Sunday morning, got a great recommendation on a BBQ joint (RJ's), and hit up the Jazz museum and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. We also just drove around a bunch, because Kansas City is a really cool town, at least in terms of architecture. I never knew, but there are some awesome looking buildings and neighborhoods. It was a quick trip, but a very good one.

    1. If you like Russel Stover you need to check out the outlet store in Owatonna. The Mrs. & I usually spend a night in Owatonna travelling back and forth to the relatives over the holidays and we always stop at the outlet store and pick up a box or two of the"oops".

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