July 25, 2018: BOT 4

The radio broadcast recently(?) started playing a different song coming out of the break before the bottom of the 4th. I *know* I know what song it is, but I still can't quite place it and it's driving me crazy.

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    1. This trivia question reminds me of this one. (Which most Citizens probably know, but trips up others).

      Name the three most northern cities to host a World Series.

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        1. They barely would have made first place.

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  1. So, I am down about 13 lbs since I started to attempt to eat healthier. Struggling with not sneaking in the occasional burger, but somehow my sweet tooth is completely gone. My favorite treat in the world used to be reeses peanut butter cups. Absolutely craved them. Close second was ice cream sandwiches. 2 nights ago my wife offered me a reeses cup and I had zero desire to partake. Then at work yesterday, someone offered me an ice cream sandwich. Nope, zero interest. Then I realized that I had not had a candy bar, cookie, dessert, etc in at least 3-4 weeks. It is weird, but absolutely a great thing.

      1. It totally baffles my mind. I would sometimes eat 15-20 of those little peanut butter cups throughout a day. If they were out, I would snack on them until they were gone. My wife and kids will scoop up bowls of ice cream and eat them right in front of me, and... nothing... zilch... nada...

        1. I've kept sweets out of the house (because *gone*), except I will indulge in a handful of animal crackers if the urge hits. They seem like a safer compromise.

          1. As long as it's out of sight, it doesn't bother me. It's all the potlucks, funeral lunches, Rotary club meals, etc. where sweets are always around that are hard. So far I've done pretty well, but it's always a battle.

    1. My sweet tooth comes and goes, but "not sneaking in the occasional burger"?!? The thought of even trying to give up burgers is ... not a thought I want to contemplate.

      That all said, nice job. Good luck keeping it up.

      1. It doesn't help that I watch 100 burgers come out of the kitchen every day. I don't want to contemplate giving them up, but honestly, my family tree has a ton of early deaths including heart issues, strokes, and cancer. My mother never met her grandkids and my father died while they were all toddlers. I want to watch my future grandkids grow up.

        1. I'm always amazed when I go to amazing restaurants and the servers talk about how much they love all the food there and they are rail thin. I realize that eating unhealthy food and being thin aren't mutually exclusive, but I just have a feeling if I worked in a restaurant I would gain fifty pounds. Though maybe being around it all the time would desensitize me to it.

          1. Behold the metabolism of youth. I worked at Dairy Queen for years and it was pretty much my main source of sustenance during college. I wasn't exactly rail thin, but I was in considerably better shape than I am these days.

            I'm also bitter right now because I'm plateauing at the moment after a loss of about 7-8 pounds over the last 2.5 months or so.

          2. I think there's something to being on the move all the time...and the anxiety that goes with it.

            1. Yeah, in college being young helped, but I'm sure my usual 25-30,000 steps per day or so (to school, across campus, to home, back to school, to work, at work, back home, etc.) didn't hurt.

    2. When I went on the low-carb diet, I read many times that after a while I would no longer crave sweets. I don't know how long "a while" is, but it is clearly more than fourteen months, because I continue to crave them.

      1. I've got plenty of vices, but I'm glad a sweet tooth isn't one of them. A full piece of cake would make me feel just gross. I could still house a whole pizza without compunction though.

          1. as am I. If my wife didn't buy sweets and they weren't everywhere at work I would rarely eat them. But I cannot walk past a pizza even if I'm stuffed.

    3. I do think there is evidence that there are addictive properties to sugar. You eat sugar, your body craves more. If you get over that, that craving leaves. It's not like nicotine but it's definitely there.

      I've noticed it too. If I make the concerted effort to not eat sweets, after a day or so, I have no desire for a sweet. However as soon as I have a sweet as part of a party or someone made a special dessert, I'm back on the sugar bandwagon.

      I'm also down about 12-14 pounds since April. I was training for the Tri-Loppet which was Sunday. It was a big motivator. So now I have to keep at it without the race goal driving me. I've been good about maintaining a 1500 cal/day diet and burning at least 600 calories per day in some sort of movement.

      Eat less. Exercise more. Follow that credo and you will lose weight.

      1. This is true. I has to do with the insulin and glucagon metabolism cycle. Eat sugar, body releases a bunch of insulin to metabolize it. Once sugar is metabolized, the body releases glucagon to neutralize the leftover insulin. Glucagon neutralizes too much insulin, glucose level drops and makes you crave...more sugar. Or something like that. It's a metabolic roller coaster. Insulin is also a fat storing hormone, so when you eat more sugar than you body needs (the brain only eats glucose) the insulin works with glycogen to convert sugar to fat for storage.

  2. Khris Davis just khrushed one to the opposite field to give the A's a lead in the top of the 9th. Upper deck shot with two out, two strikes, man on.

    After khrushing one to center a couple innings earlier for a three-run shot.

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