42 thoughts on “Game 111: Twins at Clevelands”

  1. I got caught in a pointless phone conversation and missed how the Clevelands scored their runs. Looking at the play-by-play, perhaps it was just as well.

  2. All the pregame was how certain Twins hitters do well in Cleveland and/or against Bauer...meanwhile Gibby has not been at his best but should still be in a closer ballgame

  3. Bert briefly talking about if the players today know what Marvin Miller did for the players and got the paid. I wish they would have let him talk about that instead of cutting him off for a highlight of some other game.

      1. Or, perhaps, save innings for Gibson by using someone like Belisle who has no other purpose on the team but mopup relief anyway.

              1. No, but I can't imagine him pitching another inning and the fact he was allowed to go 48 pitches is probably a good indication that he might be the guy on his way out to make room for Magill.

              1. Saving him in tonight's game isn't the point. Saving him for the season is the point. Why make him throw a couple of extra innings in a game we're almost certainly not going to win anyway? To save Oliver Drake?

  4. The roster move that should be made when Magill comes back is completely obvious. The Twins just don't want to do it for some reason.

      1. I wonder if we see him in AA to start next year, with a projected call up early in 2020. It will be interesting to see who mans our infield in 2020. Polanco, Lewis, Sano, and Rooker is my guess with Gordon in the mix. Sano and Rooker could be splitting first base/DH, so potentially we could see Polanco, Lewis and Gordon as regulars in the line up.

        Extending the line up out, I think we see Kirilloff in the mix with Buxton (if ever healthy), Rosario, and either Wade or Kepler. Kepler could end up as our first baseman too. Catchers could be Jeffers at that point the way he is raking, with a veteran lefty platoon.

        Rotation: Berrios, Romero, Gonzalves, Thorpe and a veteran placeholder for Graterol.

        Barring injury or any of these prospects laying and egg, I would be surprised to see the Twins sign any free agents to more than a 1 year contract next season.

  5. Subway's "talking stomach" commercial is making me yearn for the Steve Martin/Martin Short concert promo.

  6. If Mitch Garver gets hurt while pitching, I'm going to be really pissed. A young guy you are counting on for the future should not be put in that situation.

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