15 thoughts on “August 7, 2018: They’re Ba-a-a-ck”

  1. I hope this is true and pans out accordingly.

    1. I mean this with all sincerity: Matt Belisle must be one of the nicest guys in baseball. The Twins know he can't pitch, and they know they should release him, but they just don't want to because they like him.

      1. Well, FWIW, if Belisle is truly hurt, the Twins can't release him until he is healthy. The timing of the injury is just very suspicious. If he's been dealing with this, why did the Twins allow him to throw a season high in pitches yesterday? If he just came forward with it today, then you have to wonder just how hurt he really is. Fortunately, he can still be a great clubhouse guy while on the DL. I suspect this injury will keep him out till September when rosters expand.

  2. In other minor league prospect news, Trevor Larnach has been promoted to Cedar Rapids after batting .300/.405/.467 in 17 games at Elizabethton.

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