Game 112 Twins v. Clevelanders

10. Number of games the Twins find themselves behind Cleveland? The number of runs they were outscored by last night? Tom Kelly's number? All three of course.

So the Twins in the second of a 4 game tilt against Cleveland in a lost season. Adalberto Mejia (I call him Bert) pitched well last week against the Spiders, so let's see if he can do it again. Carlos Carrasco, who pitched 7.1 scoreless innings against the Twins last week, is the opponent.

6:10p start, although it sounds like some rain may delay the game. Go Twins.

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  1. Given that the pre-game show is still playing the Paul Molitor interview, I assume you are correct about the rain.

  2. Not going well for the Red Wings--they're down 5-0 to Toledo in the fifth and have only one hit so far. Think I'll switch to the Fort Myers Miracle for a while.

  3. Good night for Griffin Jax. 7.1 scoreless innings, four hits, one walk, seven strikeouts. The MIracle leads Lakeland 3-0. Jose Miranda's first hit in high-A was a two-run homer in the eighth.

    1. Chris Williams has two home runs, giving him fourteen in the forty-two games. He leads the league. Robert Molina has hit a grand slam.

    2. A three-run homer cuts the lead to 10-8. Kingsport has eight runs on three hits. They've drawn five walks, had a hit batsman, and the Twins have made two errors.

      1. Elizabethton came back to score two in the sixth and four in the seventh, and now leads 16-8. They're out-hitting Kingsport 16-4.

  4. Perception may not be the same as reality, but it sure seems like the Twins don't do well with the bases loaded. We'll see how it works out this time.

    1. Before tonight, .886 OPS. Hitting with runners on base is not the problem for the Twins. Getting enough of those opportunities is. Twins terrible with no one on base, especially when leading off an inning.

      1. Do you happen to know what's average with the bases loaded? I mean, .886 sounds good, and it probably is, but I'm curious as to just how good it is.

          1. What I meant was, what are the major league averages for BA and OPS with the bases loaded? I remember hearing that most batters will do better with the bases loaded than they do in an average at-bat. Again, I'm not saying the Twins numbers aren't good. I'm just trying to gauge how good they are.

              1. So the average is about average, but the Twins' OPS is substantially better than average. Thanks!

      1. Sore wrist. I hate wrist injuries. It seems like they're never taken as seriously as they should be. You can fight through it and play, and so people do. They just aren't nearly as effective.

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