27 thoughts on “August 9, 2018: Resolution”

  1. Day 1 of vacation. I realize a few 100 miles into the drive that a cargo bag for the top of my jeep was a dumb idea. Pull it off and stuff everything in the jeep. Drove 14 hours to Missoula. Hotel computer is down. First gave us keys that don't work, then the keys do work and the room is occupied. Wake up way to early. But... at least I am on vacation. Day 2 will be driving to Colombia Falls via going to the sun road.

  2. Garage door opener has a shot motor. Door guy had lots of advice on what to do when replacing it and said if I was able to replace the gears in the past that it shouldn't be a problem. It's a shame you can't just get the motor unit itself, but I guess I'll have lots of replacement parts *shrug*

    1. we replaced the opener when we did the door (and all associated hardware) a couple months ago. Surprisingly, the tech seems to have improved in the last 18 or so years.

    1. I like to imagine a little bit of "GOML" on his part then..."dang kids and their fancy emojis and nicknames..."[harumphs something about back in his day...]

      1. I think I saw Grossman is too, actually.

        I've seen a lot of pushback on the Tweeter that all the guys using their own name are, in fact, not weenies. That take is wrong.

  3. Did y'all know The Hold Steady are doing Surlyfest?!??!?!?! I just found out and got my tickets.

    Anyone else going?

    1. I'm thinking this LTE was a giant inside-joke. The number of affirmative responses has done nothing to dissuade me from this assessment.

      1. The most Twinsian thing to do would be to be on the verge of releasing a guy but instead make him the closer, which of course he then excels at by smoke and mirrors.

    1. and by "somebody", you mean nothing.

      Chalmers, 21, was a third-round pick in 2015 out of North Forsyth High School in Cumming, Ga. In four minor league seasons with the A's, he has a 4.08 ERA with 137 strikeouts and 91 walks in 121 1/3 innings. He has pitched only five innings this season and is on the disabled list.

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