25 thoughts on “Game One Hundred Fourteen: Minnesota at Cleveland”

  1. It's sad that Atteberry is bringing out his blowout game material when it's still 3-0.

  2. Good wiggling to hold the lead to four. I'm not real confident of our ability to score five, though.

    1. Provus says it was. Well, kind of. At first it sounded like he was saying it was definitely a ball, but then he sort of backtracked.

  3. Well, I've got to go and give Communion at the local nursing home. Bring it home, boys!

  4. In a season filled with ‘what-ifs’ ... what if they had a healthy (and productive) Sano, an (earlier) healthy Santana, a healthy Buxton, quality output from the free agent signings, a Dozier playing to earn a payday ... recently, the one I wonder about most is, what if they’d had Polanco holding down SS and hitting the way he did last year?

      1. Yeah ... I’m not really hung-up on that, mostly just reminding myself/pointing out that the team had a lot go the wrong way, and Polanco out for 81 games was one that I don’t think anyone really saw coming. Especially annoying that it was ‘self-inflicted’

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