30 thoughts on “August 10, 2018: Broken Arrow”

    1. OK, I get it now, listening to this song and seeing yesterday's trade news.
      It pairs well with a slow slideshow of F.R. photos.

          1. Hey! I didn't play the Rod Stewart cover (which is where I first heard the song).
            Here's a peppier Robbie song for you:

  1. Daughter's boyfriend just found out he won't be going to college this fall because neither parent will cosign on loans. Trying to withhold judgement since I don't know the whole story.

    1. A friend’s daughter’s boyfriend faced the same situation because his folks didn’t have social security numbers. He joined the military to eventually pay for college. I worry about that kid pretty often.

    2. From a different perspective, I'm still on the hook for a substantial PLUS loan for Elder Daughter, the college dropout. If I had a do-over, I'd insist that she attend a public college instead of a private one. Younger Daughter, on the other hand, finished her degree in four years, also from a private college, but she never lost her scholarship and took on debt about equal to the cost of a new car. We were able to pay our share of her costs out of cash flow, but sacrificed a lot in order to do that, including putting off many household repairs and upgrades that remain on hold until I'm back in a higher paying job.

      1. Yes. I feel sorry for him but it might be the right call.

        He's now looking into trade school to become an electrician. That might be better for him, anyway. Some of his long-term plans didn't really make sense. It sounded like it was coming from an 18 year old with very little parental guidance (which it was).

        1. The trades are in really high demand now. If that's something he would enjoy doing and stick with, that can be a really good way to go. I think sometimes in the U.S. we put a little too much emphasis on a college education and people go into a lot of debt for something that isn't necessarily going to lead to a high-paying job, at least not without working your way up anyways.

          1. Co-worker's son just got into an apprenticeship (heating and cooling?). He starts at $25 per hour, upping two bucks every year until he makes journeyman (three years?). Looking at a career in which he will soon be making low six figures.

  2. Apparently the mole I killed last weekend (the third one over the years) was particularly well loved in the mole community, because another immediately took the protest to a higher level. I'm happy to say that during lunch today it met the same demise as its predecessor.

    1. It was kindof weird hearing that as he came out in the top of the 9th with the team down one run.

    2. My only in-person game in the past 3 months featured a Fernando Experience and it went on ... and on ... and on ... and it was glorious.

      After about 2 minutes (seriously) my wife looks at me and says, "What the h*ell is going on!?!" It was awesome.

      1. My only in person game in the last year featured a Berios start with the King of the Savers experience. I loved every second of it.

      1. It was pretty ridiculous. I told my parents to get ready for the circus. I was talking about his pitching, however. He totally delivered the full experience.

  3. Phil Hughes DFA-ed by the Padres. I feel bad for the man. I don't blame him for cashing in on his one big season. That contract extension was probably one of the biggest reasons Terry Ryan was fired. There were many others, but that would have been near the top of my list.

  4. First Gazpacho of the Season

    All in the Vitamix blender:
    2 lg. heirloom tomatoes - weirdo colors (they taste the best)
    1/2 cucumber
    1/3 jalapeño pepper, remove seeds
    1/4 red bell pepper
    some minced garlic
    cumin (don't worry about grinding if Vitamix)
    garden Greek oregano
    1/4 lime juiced
    some Olive oil

    Blend, then cool in fridge 2 hrs. Serve with dollup of yoghurt (we like Skyr), croutons, and shredded garden basil.

  5. Sad to see that Mackey & Judd apparently will end shortly. Looks like I'll be stuck listening to Kerri Miller in the morning now on the days when I'm driving around the state for work (because I would rather Van Gogh myself than subject myself to Paul Allen).

    1. Mackey and Judd is the only sports talk program I listen to. Hopefully they are still together, but at a different time slot.

      1. I've never really listened to a second of MN sports radio, but even to me, M&J seem preferable to likely anything else.

        (Full disclosure: I do follow both of them)

  6. Swapped out the garage door unit and controls, and it's up and running. Setting the movement limits is much easier now than back in the day. Wi-Fi! (although by law the damn thing has to beep loudly for 5 sec and the whole time it's closing via the app)

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