28 thoughts on “August 11, 2018: Post Solstice”

      1. It went quite tasty. This year's theme was apparently sours, so it was a bit of a palette wrecking experience.

  1. Today's edition of "Minor Details" will be the last for about ten days or so. I will be leaving town Sunday evening and will not be back until the following Monday evening. My plan is not to try to make up the games I'll miss, but to simply do another "Where They Stand" post and then resume daily reports. The birthday list should appear every day, unless I get the dreaded "missed schedule". If someone would like to fill in reporting on the Twins' minor league teams in my absence, you have my blessing.

  2. Summer is already at least part-way over for us, since our now-2nd-grader has already been back to school for a week. We did a last hurrah at the beach and Legoland last weekend.

    Preschooler has a bit more time; he starts a week from Monday, and I start the week after that.

    1. Saw the MLB article on the best cards from 50's till Oughts. 2 Twin in the bag (Carew, Pucks). How can they ignore the profile of the MLB (Harms), and TonyO? Answer - stuff in 5 Mantles.

  3. I just had a “...big ole pot a coffee and ain’t got no cream” moment. Couple of beautiful brats laid out on fresh buns w/ ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut and deli-style relish. Apply condiments in that order. Get to opening the still mostly full jar of relish and find mold. Damn. Still good, but coulda been great.

      1. It’s a bratwurst man! Start slinging opinions about what goes on it and what doesn’t and I think to myself, “Why in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks would I want to limit the choices !?!” I’m an equal opportunity topper. If all I have Plochmans, that’s fine. Spicy brown mustard is great too. I do like a bit of ketchup (but never catsup ...) Give me the full slate of Red Hot excellence too, that s finer still: “chopped white onions, bright green sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices or wedges, pickled sport peppers and a dash of celery salt, ” yup.

        1. I'm a simple man and just go with spicy brown and sauerkraut. But then, I never don't have spicy brown mustard on hand. I've got a shelf in my fridge dedicated to various mustards.

  4. An additional new garage door opener note: besides the Wi-Fi control, the Homelink button on the Accord overhead actually programmed correctly as well, so don't need the control there anymore.

  5. For those of you on the bookface, see my share if Brad Zellar's post. Baseball books and memorabilia on sale in Stillwater. Including a copy of Danny Thompson's book, special for Bootsy!

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