FMD August 17: Off Genre

Was kicking around a topic for Friday Music Day, and this was one that came to mind: do you have any song (or songs) that you somehow against all odds have in your playlists that are not in a genre that you typically like?

I have a few that stand out on my phone's song list, but here's one that jumped out at me (since alphabetically the group appears at the top of the list):

16 Horsepower is described by Every Noise At Once as "gothic americana", and if you follow their link for gothic americana, there is not one name there that I have even heard of, let alone enjoy (although I enjoy the band name "Joe Buck Yourself").

Throw down your random ten, folks!

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  1. 01. “They Could Be Wrong” – Lianne La HavasIs Your Love Big Enough?
    02. “Uncle Alverez” – Liz Phairwhitechocolatespaceegg
    03. “Madame George” – Van MorrisonAstral Weeks
    04. “No One To Call” – Caitlin RoseThe Stand-In
    05. “Tusk” – Fleetwood MacTusk
    06. “Shark” – Throwing MusesLimbo
    07. “Just What I Needed/Not Just What I Needed” – Car Seat HeadrestTeens Of Denial
    08. “Nervous Mary” – The Breeders All Nerve
    09. “Sunshine M.” – Walt Mink El Producto
    10. “Why Didn’t You Say That?” – The Lemon Twigs – Do Hollywood

  2. Wow. I saw 16 Horsepower live in like 2001. Was one of those times where First Ave gave out free tickets to a future show on your way out and I actually took them up on it. They were good! I have a few CDs, but can’t say I listen often.

      1. Seems most tickets used nowadays are digital, so I assume they don't hand them out... I can't remember the last time I got one.
        How do they try to fill up poor-selling shows nowadays?

        I'm pretty sure I went to just one or two shows on comp tickets, but I can't think of what they would have been.
        I know that in High School a friend was excited to get 311 tix when we left the Roy Wilkins Auditorium for some show. I think he drove all the way back to the Twin Cities for it, but I didn't go with.
        I probably still have a stash of unused ones somewhere in the basement.
        I liked the look and feel of those tickets. Consistent but with different colors. That thick black ink with a few specks of glitter in it. I hated when I had to use TicketMaster for First Ave shows.

        1. I liked the look and feel of those tickets. Consistent but with different colors. That thick black ink with a few specks of glitter in it.

          I will never forget that. I was thinking about that as soon as bjh mentioned comps.

          1. Me either. I remember the first time I bought a ticket to a First Ave show. We drove to the electric fetus to get them for a Fugazi show, and I remember how the raised ink felt.

      2. I think the only show I ever got a comp to was The Shins in 2003. I was waiting in line to buy a ticket and someone just gave me their comp. I mainly went to meet someone I talked to on Soulseek who wrote reviews for Tiny Mix Tapes and shared a deep affection for Xiu Xiu with me. That same night, Hybrid played at the Fine Line. I left a few songs before the Shins set ended to make it to the Fine Line in time for Hybird… and then they started an hour late.

  3. 1. Whale “Young Dumb N' Full of Cum”* We Care
    2. Underworld “Bruce Lee, Short Version”* Push Upstairs
    3. Raekwon “Incarcerated Scarfaces” Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...
    4. Death Cab for Cutie “Tiny Vessels” Transatlaticism
    5. Michael Jackson “Billie Jean” The Essential

    6. Raekwon “North Star (Jewels)” Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...
    7. Michael Jackson “The Man in the Mirror” The Essential
    8. Destiny's Child “Jumpin, Jumpin'”* The Writing's on the Wall
    9. Ali Mills “Waltjim Bat Matilda”* Buried Country 1.5: The Story of Aboriginal Country Music
    T. So So Radio “Moenjodaro”* Dustcovers

    1. We Care, but apparently not about punctuation. With Tricky on background vocals. Tricky co-wrote and was co-performer for two songs on the album ("Performed by Whale and Tricky" in the credits), but this third track just has him contributing "Additional Vocals".

    2. "Life kid / suck from the box / Drink from the box / The juice kid / suck / Life kid suck the box / Drink / Yeah /Bruce Lee"

    8. The first three songs I knew from this group were: "No, No, No", "Bills, Bills, Bills", and "Jumpin, Jumpin". When they ran out of repititive titles, it should have been clear that they group would not last much longer.

    9. A cover of "Waltzing Matilda" in an Aboriginal language. (Compare to Cornershop's cover of "Norwegian Wood" in Punjabi.) Apparently the word for "Jumbuck" (a sheep) in this language is a bleat. Not even onomatopoeia like "baa", but an actual, imitative bleat.

    T. Because of this song, I watched the movie "Mohenjo Daro" on Netflix. It was OK, I liked some parts much more than others (the opening scene looks great until a CGI croc comes up). Like the one or two other Indian films I've watched, it was about one act or one half-hour too long for my attention. I was able to joke to EAR about the fancy headdress that the female lead wore in some scenes: It was decorated with feathers, slices of agate, and dried mushrooms. "My Kind of Fashion!"

  4. This is a good question. For me, the oddest oddball song is Raffi's "Bananaphone". I don't even remember how I heard it but it puts a smile on my face every time I put my music on random choice it pops up.

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