2018 Game 123: Pantera Tigris vs. Gemini

The season is slipping away faster than I realized, just six week to go before the Twins are playing meaningful October golf. It's kind of nice not having to worry about making the playoffs anymore, you can just sit back and watch and kind of, well, you know, like, abide. Your blood pressure stays low, your heart rate stays regular. You can let go of this year's disappointments, and there were many, and just see what potential is there for next year. Tyler Austin can mash some taters. Miguel Sano is taking much better at bats with good results, he's lost weight and he's quick as a cat at the hot corner. I think he got the message his demotion was intended to send. We learned that a half season of Polanco is better than a half season without Polanco. Barring another freak injury we'll see Buxton ranging in center field soon, which is always good on the eyes and so much better than watching Jake Cave dive and flop like he's playing soccer. Forsythe is hitting so far over his head he wears his hat on his butt these days. Eddie Rosario continues to play like an All-Star, sporting a .295/.335/.496/.831 slash line. Kepler hasn't developed much beyond his first two seasons, hitting in the .230's, but still has performed to a very average 100 OPS+ and I believe he's still got plenty of upside betwixt his head and the ceiling. Joe Mauer can still hit and catch a little, and if the front office doesn't sign him to a new market-value deal I will pout like a three year old all winter. Falvey and Levine gathered a lot of young assets and shed a lot of payroll and in their trade deadline purge, and a lot more is coming off the books in October. We'll see what the brain trust can accomplish with all that money during the cold and dark part of the year because a lot of their bets from last winter went so far south that they could see the equator. Odoreater (5-7, 4.44 ERA) on the mound for the Twins today, he pitched well but not very long in his last start, going 5 and 2/3 with just 2 earned runs of 4 hits and 2 walks with 9 strikeouts. The Tigers send Jacob Turner and his SSS 20.25 ERA to the hill. Play ball!

23 thoughts on “2018 Game 123: Pantera Tigris vs. Gemini”

  1. I get the idea of the "bullpen game" but hooboy Im not a fan and I hope the Twins dont start using them.

    1. Bullpen games have been around forever. This is just an emergency start. They tried to bring up a starter but somehow forgot he had to be in the minors for at least 10 days (barring injury). This isn't the new idea of using an opener. Rochester did that yesterday (and won).

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