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      1. Same. They were below the surface so I was put under to have them removed for a possible jaw surgery that ended up not being needed.

        1. i think two of mine were below the surface still. he was explaining how he was going to remove them and i was like, naw, you don't need to do that, friend.

        2. This. I had a few below and a few coming through. I was in college, was flattened for a day, had nausea from the pain meds, and then was back on my feet and at work after that. My body was certainly a better place when I was younger...

      2. I've had 3 wisdom teeth and one other tooth removed, but only one at a time, so I've only had locals, including for the impacted wisdom tooth that required an oral surgeon.

      3. She's getting all four out today, but totes knocked out. Doc says she'll be up and running again by Monday. Her head is so small that the roots are part of her sinus cavity, thus the knocked out part. I've got a bunch of costume drama loaded on on the streaming services devices, and the vitamix is ready to make soups and shakes.

        1. You're so sweet--I hope all goes well for her! I had all four out at once and expected the pain meds to make me sleepy, but for whatever reason, they didn't. I recall sitting in bed for a couple of days bored out of my mind. . . . Costume dramas would've helped.

      4. I had all four out at once as well (three were impacted), in college.

        Somehow decided to take a girl out on a first date the day my pain meds ran out. There wasn't a second date.

    1. I've been told by dentists for nearly thirty years that I should have my wisdom teeth out, but they've never bothered me, so I haven't done it.

      1. The good doctor was looking to leave this mortal coil with her wisdom teeth in her skull until 3 of four developed cavities. Both doc and the surgeon said it was best to get them out. She's a champ, though. I was laid up for days, and she's already up and at 'em.

    2. I left mine until my mid-20s, but one of them grew perpendicular to the rest of the teeth, so it caused problems, so I had all four removed.

      Like Rhu_Ru said, most complete nothing I've ever experienced. Most of the time, when I sleep, there's some sort of concept of the passing of time. When I woke up from anesthesia, I very distinctly remembered the backwards count, but it could have been five years later, for all I knew.

      That apparently didn't stop me from trying very hard to convince my wife and the anesthesia tech that I was awake and had been all along.

      1. Similar but I only had local anesthesia for it. Dentist said should be pretty quick, half hour tops. One of them came out in about a minute. Next two took about ten minutes total. I was thinking this is going okay. Final one, not so much. It had weird roots and connected to the nerve directly so I got to feel allllll of the drilling and digging. Time had no concept.

      2. I remember the backwards count very clearly as well... until "8".

        After that, I entered back onto the scene in my dad's basement with ice packs on my cheeks watching Star Wars.

        1. I remember counting down from 100 down to mid-90s, then tunnel vision forced on me. I woke up clear-headed with the ice packs and sat up on my cot watching a girl still under in the next cot whimpering quietly. A nurse asked if I really wanted to be sitting up, and when I told her I was fine, she nodded a the girl and said it differs for different people.

          1. Ayyup. My second knee scope was done at Mayo. I remember waking up in recovery and this kid across from me was barfing. I'm like "let's go! I am ready to get outa here."

            More recently (shoulder or ankle, i forget) I came out a loopy, chatty Cathy. Pretty sure the nurse and the Mrs were rolling their eyes at me.

  1. I had a dream last night that I was having dinner with my dad and he couldn't figure out why his cell phone wasn't working, so he handed it to me. It was a piece of fried chicken. I turned it over a whole bunch of times trying to turn it on, then finally figured out it was a flip phone encased in the large piece of fried chicken, but that's not why it wasn't working. Its simply because there was no reception. None of my thoughts during the dream had anything to do with how odd it was that a piece of fried chicken could be a cell phone.

    I really needed to get that written down somewhere.

    1. At first I missed the part that this was a dream, and I was like Why isn't asking why the phone was a piece of fried chicken.

      1. Even though it was a dream, the most disturbing part of it was that I never thought to ask that.

      1. It was pretty crispy. To be honest, I'm mostly disappointed my brain didn't make it one of those old Nokia phones. I'm pretty sure those would survive the frying process.

  2. Apparently, the Twins can save a year of service time on Buxton if they don't bring him back until September 19. At that point, of course, he won't have played for two and a half weeks and there'll only be about a week and a half left, so there'd be no point in bringing him back at all.

    I think that would be penny wise and pound foolish. If they want him to continue to develop, he needs to be the regular center fielder in Minnesota for the last month of the season. It does no good to save a year of service time if he doesn't develop into the player we still think he can be.

    1. Extremely foolish. They already saved a lot of time just by him being in AAA for most of the season. He had 2.064 coming into 2018 so he must be close to 2.172. He'd already qualify for Super Two status so it's entirely about that free agent year in 2022 when he would be 28. Seems like a better choice would be to sign him to an extension that covers that and more instead.

  3. My daughter and I just finished the script for her school's fall play. It's probably the most rewarding thing I've been through with her, and might be the funniest thing I've ever written (silly to waste on middle schoolers, but here we are).

    1. I got to help Younger Daughter write a noir short story for one of her classes last fall. That was fun.

      1. Sorry to hear. Losing my cat (and she was MY cat) last summer was one of the most awful things I've had to go through. Those damn animals are amazing.

          1. Our fuzzy ones leave outsize holes; emotions fill them, but never in a way that replaces what was there. Going on a decade later, I still miss my little parlor panther. I’m sorry, meat. Saying goodbye always comes too soon.

  4. Yikes! Doogie on Twins plans for Buxton:

    Told he's heading home on Monday with no plans to be back here this year. It would take the Twins FO needing to change their minds.— Darren Wolfson (@DWolfsonKSTP) September 1, 2018

      1. My guess is that it's the service time issue referenced above. My feelings about that are above, too, and I really don't have any more to add.

    1. In this article Levine was non-committal, although he seemed to setting up the wrist sprain as an excuse. It's not an excuse that really flies with me, since he's been playing and hitting well in AAA.

      1. I'm not as hung up on it. It's depriving fans of seeing him, but he's been broken down more than not this season -- give him the rest and start again next spring.

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