17 thoughts on “2018 Game 139: Twins @ `Stros”

    1. He's really good. 6.7 rWAR this year, 162 OPS+. He was pretty good last year with 4.1 rWAR (in nearly same number of PAs as this year) and 126 OPS+.

      1. And really, really good against the Twins. 500/.591/1.056 against the Twins this year prior to today in 22 PAs. Second best OPS+ compared to any team.

    1. Third most valuable Twins pitcher this year, tied with Taylor Rogers at 1.4 rWAR. Mejia is at 1 rWAR in much, much fewer innings. Nothing remarkable with Odo but he's made all his starts and his FIP is the same as Gibson, who's K/9 has dropped. Odo's biggest problem is too many pitches per batter.

  1. It's got to be frustrating to be a position player when they keep trotting Matt Beslile out there to pitch.

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