36 thoughts on “September 6, 2018: How Rude!”

  1. Sean mentioned as the first LTE yesterday that Ohtani was out for the season as he needs Tommy John surgery. So Ohtani promptly went out and went 4-4, with 2 homers and a stolen base.

    1. I still think there must be something behind the scenes. We aren't even sure Buxton will be worth keeping in a few years.

      1. Whether he is or isn't, there's a much better chance of Buxton living up to his potential than Johhny f***in Field.

        1. I think they've made a terrible mistake. I just think their reasoning is so weak they have to be hiding something.

          1. I didn't mean to sound so forceful, its just very frustrating that the most generic baseball player possible is out there when one of the most exciting defensive CF's ever could be there getting experience instead. The only thing they could be hiding that could be at all a reason for keeping him down is service time.

            1. I thought that wasn't really hidden. Didn't somebody admit that? Or was the assumption just that certain?

              1. They'd be violating the CBA of they admitted it, but they definitely haven't been very clever in hiding it.

  2. Cleveland won, Detroit won, Sox eliminated from the playoffs, Detroit's E# now 1, best they can hope for is a tie atop the division.
    Cleveland can clinch second place (or better) with a win tonight in Toronto.

  3. I won't be around all night, but while I am--Ryan Jeffers homers leading off the top of the second. Cedar Rapids takes a 1-0 lead over Beloit.

  4. A walk, a double, and a wild pitch put the Snappers on the board. Cedar Rapids leads 2-1 in the bottom of the second.

  5. It could've been worse. Beloit had men on second and third with none out in the second, but only scores the one run. 2-1 through two.

  6. In the top of the third, Michael Helman doubles and Trevor Larnach follows with an RBI single. Cedar Rapids leads 3-1.

  7. Still 4-1 in the eighth. Cedar Rapids made three errors in the first six innings, but starter Jhoan Duran overcame all of them. He struck out ten in six innings, giving up one run on three hits and three walks.

  8. In the top of the eighth, three walks filled the bases with one out and pinch-hitter Trey Cabbage delivered a first-pitch grand slam! Cedar Rapids leads 8-1 in the bottom of the eighth.

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