43 thoughts on “September 13, 2018: Adjusted For Inflation”

  1. With the Twins' win and the Clevelands' loss last night, the Twins' magic number drops to 32. (Their elimination number remains at 3... Cleveland could clinch at least a tie tonight.)
    Their magic number to finish ahead of the Angels is 23 (vs 12 for the Angels to finish ahead of the Twins).
    And they need 15 wins to finish with a winning record. (4 Losses clinches a losing record; both assuming all remaining 17 games get played.)

  2. Last time the Twins won a series against the Yankees: May 30-June 2, 2014.
    Last time the Twins won consecutive games against the Yankees (in the same season): July 13-14, 2013.
    July 13, 2013-May 30, 2014 represents a 3-game winning streak, which is the longest since a 3-game winning streak from August 19,1998-May 4, 1999 (which began with a 2-game sweep of the Yankees).
    So wins in NY on May 3rd and 4th of 2019 would set a new mark for the post-strike, GMTR and later era of the Twins.

  3. On Monday a colleague stopped me in the office hallway to ask if I’d eaten lunch yet. I replied that I was just on my way to nuke it, so he asked if I wanted any roasted hatch peppers to put on it. Not having just fallen off the turnip truck, I said, “Heck yeah.” Turns out he ordered a shipment of roasted hatches from a pepper farm in New Mexico. I got the farm’s info & placed my own order late that afternoon. When I arrived home yesterday, there was a box with five pounds of freshly roasted Sandia peppers on dry ice sitting on the front stoop of Chez Hayes. I’m setting an annual reminder to do this: that box might be one of the five coolest things I’ve ever received in the mail.

    1. Last year, I drove Grandma and Grandpa S part way home after their winter in NorCal, by way of Arizona and New Mexico (transfering to my sister-in-law in ABQ). We drove through Hatch, but I could not convince them that we should stop. 🙁

    2. My colleague who went to grad school in New Mexico is hosting a barbecue this weekend, and he is making ribs and “some items laced with green chile.” I’m looking forward to it.

            1. My wife wasn't born there, but spent most of her childhood nearby, and drove through Long Beach to get to school.
              I used to like the rappers who'd shout out "South Central" because that's the part of Minnesota I'm from.

    1. I could take a FKB post in either month that is open. I will probably write it up soon and just schedule it. I have some thoughts on parenting as the kids fly the coop, and may end up writing more about empty nest preparations. I have not posted anything since the old site, so I may need to brush up on how to do so.

    1. Ha. Thought about pointing this out as well.
      I know I shouldn't wish for really big numbers, but I'm still going to watch...

      1. For perspective, the historical Hurricane Sandy and Isaac maps show top windspeeds in the low-mid 40s. Must be a measurement thing...
        At any rate, Florence is already there.

        1. which issac? 2012? I was there, and it was a good time? Really, actually the most prepared and the most frightened I've ever been.

          1. This one.
            Actually, it appears there are a few offshore measurements that can't be seen because they're white. Some hitting 50s and 60s.
            I found one 70.4mph on the current map. I came for the visual, too, Rhu, but if you're going to give me data...

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