16 thoughts on “September 15, 2018: Hallowgom Mix”

    1. The Twins didn't do the trade to get Forsythe. He was just a throw-in to get the Dodgers to agree. However, just for comparisons sake:

      After his 5-hit game, Forsythe was batting .449/.500/.531 as a Twin in 14 games. Since then, he's batting .174/.297/.186 in 24 games. He's been batting 3, 4 or 5 the last week and is batting .235/.311/.299 on the year.

    1. Hildenberger's audition for the closer role is not going well. I saw the Perez grand slam coming the minute he filled the bases, it was just freaking inevitable at that point.

      1. According to Gameday, the grand slam came on a slider at the knees on the outside corner. I wasn't surprised when in-play, run(s) came up. I was shocked when the grand slam showed up.

  1. Indians led the Tigers today 15-0 after 4 innings. The Tigers have 4 errors and 1 hit through 5 innings. It's going to be a long day for Gardy. Plus, I believe the Indians clinch the division with a win.

    1. That just tells you that the other division teams aren't very good. It doesn't tell you much about the quality of the Gofers.

      On the composite computer rankings, the Goofs currently rank 39th. Their three opponents to date rank 127th, 45th, and 114th, respectively.
      Iowa's (16th) three (Northern Illinois at 83rd, Iowa St at 51st, and Northern Iowa at 17th in FCS) are a little more impressive. A little.

  2. The numbers you cite here look off. Maybe they hadn't added in the most recent games. Gophers look like 33rd to me. And Fresno is 38th, which is the best anyone in the division has beaten so far.

    1. they must have updated between the time I posted and you looked. When I posted, the sheet showed the Goofs at 3-0, etc., but at the ranking I mentioned.
      So, Goofs now at 33, opponents at 128th, 40th, 116th.
      Iowa at 16th, opponents at 88th, 51st, 12th in FCS.

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