September 16, 2018: Slip Slidin’ Away

First off, thankfully we're in a part of the country where we can idly contemplate such things, but how many more weeks of pleasant weather do you think we have left in us?

28 thoughts on “September 16, 2018: Slip Slidin’ Away”

  1. Just got to watch Eliud Kipchoges at 41+K (in der Französische Straße) on his way to a new Marathon world record of 2 hours, 1 minute and 39 seconds in Berlin. Awesome.

    NBBW did great as well.

  2. What a weird bunch of situations I’ve had since last posting here. Planning some posts about it, when I can find the words. For now:


    I’m about to launch a Kickstarter campaign for my next game, “Fundead: The Gravest Show on Earth.” We’ve been looking around the internet to make sure the name isn’t already being used anywhere.

    For whatever reason, today the Milkmaid stumbles upon another game called Fundead, after not seeing this anywhere. We’ve done trademark searches for it and there aren’t any. This other game seems to be either dead or dormant; the last post about it was in December. On Twitter the game has one follower. Facebook page has 28 likes. The art is...amateurish, to be kind, but we don’t know if this is a prototype or meant to be final (or, again, if this is even happening).

    So the question, of course, is whether I should worry about pressing forward with this name, which I would be trademarking, most likely. I’d still use “The Gravest Show on Earth,” but perhaps still as a subtitle, if I change.

    If I hadn’t already had an awesome logo made, I’d probably be less worried about changing it. But here we are.

    1. I spookied the tie even going into OT. Best part of tying is that I don’t have 100+ people, on one side or the other, showing ugliness in victory.

      That miss WAS annoying, though.

          1. I might as well also take this opportunity to mention that I went to apple Valley yesterday to play poker with my old high school buddies and that performance center is another gigantic eyesore that should be torn down.

    2. Somebody in the upper echelons decided that today during the Vikings/Packers game would be a good time to run an auto-dialer voter outreach campaign for two hours. Can't tell you how many immediate hang-ups I got when I could clearly hear the football game in the background. Strategery is still alive and well.

      1. We've had two people come to the door the past couple weeks, and many mailings (more than one asking for donations) and all from one party. I'll let you guess which one. Battlegrounds suck

    3. I dont know if its a popular opinion , but I like that the NFL still has tie games. I never really liked the college overtime because it feels too gimmicky. having regular season games go to double or triple OT is dumb. Ties affect the standings and playoff positioning so I see no need to change it up. (I also feel ties should come back to the NHL but somehow emphasize getting more points for a win or less points for a tie Im not smart enough to figure how that would work)

  3. On the grills: Smoked pork shoulder, black bean cakes, and spicy slaw. You wish you were eating this good tonight.

    1. Thick-cut top loin pork chops, roasted sweet potato, pinto beans. Maybe some roasted peppers too. And a tall g&t.

        1. No argument. But it was on the positive end of "pretty good." Because, as you know, being a Minnesotan, "pretty good" can range from "really good" to "sucked."

    2. I do wish I was eating that. Pretty good here, too, but also not as good. New York strip, grilled zucchini and eggplant, and Caesar salad.

      I also wish I was eating there. Real problem was the kids were being such jerks while I was outside grilling that my by the time dinner was ready my wife had already (reasonably so) retreated to the bedroom to get away. C’est la vie.

    3. I do wish that. The Mrs. made chicken pot pie. Good in a familiar, comforting sort of way, but not smoked meat good.

          1. We have fifty degrees and a cold rain this morning. We need the rain, but I'm not ready for cold weather yet. Of course, I never really am.

      1. Homemade chicken pot pie? I saw the picture. If it tasted as good as it looked, I'll put that on the same level as smoked pork butt.

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