September 18, 2018: Okay, Instead of “FKB”, How About…


You know, like "Parenthood", but instead, it's "Parentgood", yeah, amirite!? Anyway, seems half baked enough to me. Also, still need a December volunteer. You know you wanna. (thanks, Phil)

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  1. So, folks. When you find out your boss hit on your colleague - an employee under his direct supervision - not once but twice, what do you do? Problem is that I wasn't around when it happened - and it was off site - and alcohol was involved - and its a pattern of behavior ... ???

    1. Support your colleague and document the behavior.

      Find out what your colleague wants from the situation. They may want support coming forward, they may want a place to vent. Be honest and supportive in whichever role is needed.

      Either way, I would document the instances (and any others you know about). Write stuff down and date it. If, or when, a formal complaint comes forward, be prepared to present what you know or have witnessed.

      (I had an HR complaint about a colleague come back around several months after the incident in question. Thankfully, I had written most of the details down in an email to my (supportive) department chair, so I could speak consistently and accurately about the incident and my immediate reactions/feelings at the time - the HR consultant that I talked with was mostly interested in establishing a pattern of behavior, so even though my complaint was minor, it was followed up on)

      1. Yes to documentation. As a gubmint manager, that is the mantra I hear over and over and over again. Document, document, document.

        Obviously, it's hard in the private sector, particularly without union representation, for rank-and-file to protect themselves from retaliation and protect colleagues from predatory behavior (particularly from above). But documentation is your friend.

    2. I've been in this situation (multiple times...sigh).

      Politic partisanship would have you believe otherwise, but once investigated, these guys usually get what's coming to them. Once a co-worker stepped forward and said what Gary had done to her, the company - a restaurant where I wasted four years - acted swiftly and interviewed everyone in the store, which revealed not only his indiscretions with my best friend at the store but almost a dozen others. Not to say it'll be that easy, but I would suggest to suggest to her to come forward. I'm not sure it works so well secondhand.

      1. There are some companies where you are required to bring it to HRs attention, whether it was first hand or second hand. And they actually won't brush it under the rug.

        1. And some jobs in general that require this. College and university employees under Title IX are often required to report to someone, depending on the specifics.

  2. Kickstarter for my game, Fundead: The Gravest Show on Earth, goes up in an hour. It's a two (or two teams of two) player game with strategic card placement, where a circus has been attacked by a zombie horde. There are plenty of images on my Instagram account.

    On one hand, I would have liked to reuse the artist from Fall, Caesar, but on the other, he had an emotional breakdown during the process and delayed the game by about a year. Tim Schutz, who's doing this one, seems as professional and even-keeled as one can be, so I'm hoping for a reasonable release window. Tim has committed to June next year while acknowledging it could be much earlier.

        1. Yeah, Bernice pledged $68 for some reason after an initial $1, which is the pledge level to just automatically follow the page. There's no specific reward at the $68 level, so I guess she was being goofy.

  3. So I went out for a walk around the lake this morning at our little VRBO A-Frame in Ośno Lubuskie, Poland (about 1.5 hr east of Berlin). At the end of the lake was an amphitheatre, facing the lake. I asked a girl out walking her dog what it was and she said it was for concerts. But at first blush, I'm thinking kinda well-built for this region - it's not Roman - I'd stumbled into something similar at Heilingenberg by Heidelberg a (long) while back.

    Turns out, this was one of the Thingplatz, sites built by the Nazis under Goebbels' Thing movement for Kum bah yah. Ośno Lubuskie was Drossen then. Goebbels was probably thinking build it and they will come.

    1. fascinating and creepy.

      also, you'd think that the acoustics would have sucked with nothing but the lake behind the "stage" area. I can't tell from the "now" photo -- are there now trees between the stage and lake?

      1. I have a really good idea for a Halloween costume, but I don't know if I'll have time to pull it off.

        1. I gotta think that protesters, SNL and other entities are going to use this to take some pot shots at him.

    1. I can't wait to see more of Cave diving for routine grounders up the middle, turning them into triples.

    1. Good for him. Injuries kept us from seeing him at his best most of the time he was here. May he have many more successful seasons.

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