Game 152: twins @ tigers

Sad news. Eduardo Escobar isn't leading the majors in doubles anymore.

Also, the Twins COULD still finish the season at .500. They'll have to win all eleven games, but it could happen.

They've started an opener today, Gabriel Moya, with Gonsalves coming later. I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about the opener idea, but it's here, and we've been sort of "meh" at it so far.

And now Grossman scores! 1-0 Twins. Let's keep that going.

30 thoughts on “Game 152: twins @ tigers”

    1. I'm not a fan, but for silly, archaic-statistic-related reasons. As far as actual game theory is concerned, it seems sound. Of course, theory and practice don't always line up.

      I'm open to it being used some next year if our rotation doesn't get a LOT more solid than it's been this year.

          1. We need canals criss-crossing the nation to collect abnormally large rainfalls to distribute elsewhere.

  1. I really don't understand how Busenitz could've pitched so well for the Twins last year, and have pitched so well in AAA this year, and pitch so terribly for the Twins this year.

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