2018 Game 155: Twins at Athletics

So, when do pitchers and catchers report for spring training? It's hard to believe that a whole baseball season has come and nearly gone already. What began with such hope and promise in the spring eventually turned to vague dissatisfaction by midsummer and finally, after the non-waiver trade deadline, to widespread ennui. So now we can turn our full attention to shanked placekicks and human resources debacles and other forms of sporting entertainment and dismay. Gibson on the mound for the Twins today, the A's feature Trevor Cahill. Smoke 'em while you got 'em, gents - this pack is almost gone. Play ball!

25 thoughts on “2018 Game 155: Twins at Athletics”

  1. some guys will say that the ball will pick up a little speed when they bounce the throw like that

    These guys are all factually wrong, mind you.

    1. I've heard that on AstroTurf before they had the fake grass type turf put in the dome. My guess is while it did slow it down some, it was a lot less than when bounced on grass or dirt.

            1. I think the discussion turns a lot on what you consider the relevant elements.

              And whether you're a homer or not...

          1. Possibly, depending on how he aged. His Peak 7 years is 5th best among catchers, only behind Carter, Bench, Piazza and Rodriguez. Through his first 10 full seasons, Bench had a 131 OPS+. In his 10 seasons catching, Mauer had a 135. But Bench has 10 GGs and 10 AS appearances with Mauer at 3 and 6. Rodriguez was only at 111 OPS+ through 10 seasons, but he had 6 straight seasons where he won GG & Silver Slugger, so there was no question for six seasons he was his league's best catcher. This of course was before Mauer was around.

            1. Three Philosophers


              Indeed, that will be the perfect WGOM Caucus. Mauer in the HOF and elitist beer? That checks almost all the boxes.

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