Friday Music Day 2018/09/28: Summer Tunez

I think we can all agree that summer is pretty much done no matter how you look at it. Now that it's over, what would you say was the Song Of The Summer™? Or, at least, what was your song/album/bird call of the summer?

And drop some lists too.

5 thoughts on “Friday Music Day 2018/09/28: Summer Tunez”

  1. 01. "Acid Tongue" – Jenny LewisAcid Tongue
    02. "Crown On The Ground" – Sleigh BellsTreats
    03. "Son, You Are No Island" – TorresSprinter
    04. "Last Residents Of Westfall" – William TylerImpossible Truth
    05. "Oh Joy" – Todd TerjeIt's Album Time
    06. "Oh Lover" – Orville ShannonPurple Snow: Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound
    07. "No Right Thing" – Blood OrangeCupid Deluxe
    08 "So Blonde" – E.M.A.The Future's Void
    09. "Everything Is Awful" – The DecemberistsI'll Be Your Girl
    10. "Bear Witness" – Dr. OctagonDr. Octagonecologyst

  2. 1. The Orb “Valley” Live '93
    2. Katy B “Emotions” Little Red
    3. Elite Gymnastics “Here, In Heaven 4 & 5 (CFCF Remix)” Ruin 4
    4. Pearl Jam “Better Man” Vitalogy
    5. Ken Nordine “Brown”* Colors

    6. Bat For Lashes “Horse And I” Fur And Gold
    7. Lana Del Rey “Video Games” Born to Die
    8. Eric Copeland “Louie, Louie, Louie” Limbo
    9. Jóhann Jóhannsson “IBM 1401 Processing Unit” IBM 1401, A User's Manual
    T. Peanut Butter Wolf feat. Lootpack “Styles Crews Flows Beats” My Vinyl Weighs a Ton

    B. Billie Eilish “You Should See Me in a Crown”* [single]

    5. "Among purists — and you know how many purists there are — Brown was having some difficulty."

    B. Digging this. One of the few things I've heard on radio in recent years where I went "What the heck is that?" Really surprised this is a radio single without a big poppy hook on the top. Pretty sparse production. Good thing I got enough info on it, as I've yet to hear it again about 2 months later.

    1. I guess B. could be my song of the summer.
      Fovea Hex has been the soundtrack of my autumn, ever since the weather first turned:

  3. 1. I Don't Want to Know--Fleetwood Mac
    2. Send in the Clowns--Judy Collins
    3. We May Never Pass This Way Again--Seals and Crofts
    4. Secret O' Life--James Taylor
    5. I'll Do It All Over Again--Crystal Gayle
    6. We've Only Just Begun--The Carpenters
    7. Can't Smile Without You--Barry Manilow
    8. Run That Body Down--Paul Simon
    9. Strange Magic--Electric Light Orchestra
    10. Castles in the Air--Don McLean

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