63 thoughts on “2018 National League Wild Card Game: Colorado Rockies vs. Chicago Cubs”

    1. I probably made it clear below, but I hate the use of replay for plays like that. It would have been a good call had he called him safe or out.

  1. Hooray! It's the first use of instant replay to scrutinize fractions of a second of the playoffs.

  2. Like Cheaps said, it was right in the borderline. I think they got the call right, but this type of play that makes a person cringe ablut replay a little.

  3. Anyone watching the ESPN2 broadcast? I'm curious if it's any better or just the same but now with wRC.

  4. I forgot Holliday was with the Rockies again. He needs to score the winning run with another dirt-eating slide.

      1. Thirded. Although I still wanted to see someone tag one off Lester and flip their bat halfway to the river.

    1. I think it was knowing that Freeland was probably being pinch-hit for if his spot came up so the choices were either:

      1) get thrown out and let Freeland try to steal another inning, or
      2) get yourself in scoring position with one out.

  5. This has been a bad display of catchering from butters. Maybe if he hadn't been stabbing at every pitch that wouldn't have happened.

  6. Or maybe Schwarber was pinch-hit for because he's been terrible in high leverage situations.

    1. He absolutely did.

      I got to make one in a hearing a few years ago ("How much more blue can those lights be? The answer is none. None more blue."), and two weeks ago I got to ask "what are these big green leafy things." Once I figure out how to sneak a Princess Bride reference into a hearing, my life's work may be complete.

  7. Two innings ago I decided I would head upstairs and turn on comfort TV while offhandedly watching the game. I didn’t bite and now I think I’m committed. So much for tomorrow.

    1. I made the decision during the top of the ninth to bail if the Rockies didn't score. I think I made the right call or I'd be a drowsy mess today. As soon as I got to work, I saw an email that really pissed me off, so I definitely made the right call.

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