13 thoughts on “AL Wild Card in progress”

    1. I'm skeptical about openers, but I'm VERY skeptical about openers in a winner take all playoff game. Just seems like too high a risk that they'll run into multiple pitchers who "don't have it".

      1. I once asked a statistician smarter than me if there's any weight to the multiple pitchers who "don't have it," theory and they said there was no evidence that it was worse to use more pitchers than fewer pitchers. Anecdotally, Severino was the starter last year against the Twins. He didn't have it, was pulled before the end of the 1st, and the Yanks effecitvely bullpenned the whole game.

        That said, if I'm going to bullpen a loser-goes-home playoff game, I'm putting someone way better than Liam Hendriks in the 1st.

  1. What an unlucky inning for Rodney so far. The foul ball that spun fair for a double. The centerfielder allowing an extra base. The passed ball.

  2. If you're willing to use him with no outs in the sixth down 3 runs, I'll never understand why you weren't willing to use him no outs in the sixth down 2 runs.

  3. Gameday has ball four to Stanton inside. Seems like Lucroy framed it poorly, moving too much to convince the ump.

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