22 thoughts on “October 8, 2018: Reluctant Acceptance”

  1. There's conflict with Bootsy's birthday?

    Happens to be my parents' anniversary, too, actually. Best remember to make the phone call, even though we were just there.

    1. This is the first I notice that observation of Columbus Day (first Monday of October) lines up with Canadian Thanksgiving.
      Not that I know how many companies have offices on both sides of the 49th parallel, but maybe that helps keep Columbus Day going... that way both countries' offices get the day off.

  2. Went to the SCSU Hockey game with some friends who also know Twayn. Met at the White Horse in St. Cloud, then enjoyed a preseason whoppin' of some Canadian college team. Fun times and fun college stories. My wife was with, and luckily the stories did not get too crazy.

      1. 'Spoiler' SelectShow
      1. Oh, and Joe Mauer is exactly as old as Grover Cleveland was the day he personally executed a condemned man.

      1. Yeah, my impression initially was that he ran over a cop trying to get away. Instead, he was told he could leave and didn't realize the motorcycle cop was there.

  3. I've gotten all the playoff picks right so far, save one wildcard, but still won't be able to win.

  4. The Indians and Braves were both eliminated on the same day as the Redskins getting blown out on Monday Night Football. I'm sure there's some underlying meaning in there somewhere, I'm just not sure what. Other than maybe the Blackhawks should be glad they had the day off.

      1. I absolutely love that this happened. The chanting in the latter stages of last night's NLDS game was embarrassing for everyone.

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