30 thoughts on “October 9, 2018: False Alarm?”

    1. The Heat have also allowed Josh Richardson back on the court, which I'd guess means Thibs messed that deal up. I've also heard if Butler isn't traded, he's likely to have surgery on his wrist. Just solid, solid work from everyone involved.

  1. 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees:

    Def Leppard
    Janet Jackson
    John Prine
    LL Cool J
    Rage Against the Machine
    Roxy Music
    Rufus featuring Chaka Khan
    Stevie Nicks
    The Cure
    The Zombies
    Todd Rundgren

          1. The only Kraftwerk release I own is their single from 1999: Expo 2000. The number is pronounced "Zwei Tausend"
            "Man. Nature. Technology. / Mensch. Natur. Technik."

            1. They were big when I was in college, during the height of "kling klang" music. Autobahn, Radio-Activity, Trans-Europe Express, The Man Machine, and Computer World all were in the rotation. "I'm the operator of my pocket calculator."

  2. Funny, MLB showing Game 3 (BOS leads 2-1) with results of 16-1.

    Then Game 4 (BOS leads 2-1) today at 8:07pm.

    I guess the 16-1 wasn't convincing enough.

  3. Good week of birding in Scandia last week. 4 sandhill cranes off 4 south of Scandia. ~40 Cedar waxwings on the red cedars and highbush cranberries. ~20 Wild Turkeys at the feeder. 4 bald eagles by Stillwater, as well as a large continent of White Pelicans on a lake west of Stillwater. New!: A red-breasted nuthatch at the feeder. Maybe a Hermit Thrush. Maybe an American Redstart. I went to take down the blue-bird houses and there were still birds in them!

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