59 thoughts on “October 10, 2018: Fare Thee Whatever”

  1. I killed my fifth mole yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, I was unable to give it a proper Missouri burial* because I was unable to relocate the location I killed it to dig it up. I missed out on the satisfaction of seeing its dead carcass.

    *fling it into the woods for the foxes/cats

    1. Due to the many many many floods this season, the golf course i work at has had little mole problems. But, one mole did do pretty good damage as it made its way underneath our #7 green (one of two green that were not damaged in the July flood). The scars will remain into next year.

    2. I'm not particularly squeamish, but I usually look to medical professionals to deal with moles.
      Removing the stitches though: that I can do.

    1. In addition to Ross, the Twins are also reportedly interested in interviewing former Cubs' utility man and current MLB Network analyst Mark DeRosa.

      Oh. Boy.

    2. I think the correlation between hiring inexperienced managers & success has a junction at team payroll. Aaron Boone did just fine in his first season. Despite Jerry Dipoto’s best efforts, Scott Servais has a .521 winning percentage. Craig Counsell’s finally above .500, thanks to his prominent role in turning around the Brewers.

  2. I’m curious to hear what the folks with legal backgrounds think of Sheryl Ring’s piece on the federal grand jury probe that appears to have targeted the Dodgers. This bit at the end made me sit up in my chair:

    Perhaps most interestingly, right now Major League Baseball is not cooperating with the investigation — because they aren’t being involved in it.

    [nested block quote - CH]Schindler, the Dodgers’ outside counsel, wrote in an email that he had “no knowledge” of any such investigation. For its part, MLB was playing catchup. When reached by SI, spokesman Pat Courtney said, “Major League Baseball has not been contacted by federal authorities regarding an investigation.” That will likely change soon.[/ nested block quote]

    That might well be no cause for alarm at all. On the other hand, it also means that MLB was probably not approached about cooperating, which may also indicate that MLB’s own front office is under investigation.

  3. [Twayn signal]

    Looks like I may have a failing throttle position sensor*/throttle body something something on my 2003 Toyota Camry sedan. Any idears on cost of replacement? Difficulty level for someone whose competence rises about as far as changing spark plugs?

    *symptoms: I got my oil changed about three weeks ago. After, I could get the car to start momentarily, then it would immediately die. The shop guys kept it for an hour or two, trying to figure out whether they screwed something up. Car was dying too fast to get a computer code reading. Eventually, the throttle setting reset and i was able to drive away.

    last weekend, I got 'er smogged and had a similar problem immediately after -- car would start, then idle immediately dropped to almost zero and killed. I was able to restart and keep the revvs up. Driving back home, the idle seemed to adjust and stabilize (~500 rpms). No further problems this week, but waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    1. Could be the mass airflow sensor. If that isn't sending info correctly, the computer doesn't know how much fuel to send to the cylinders. It reasonably cheap and from a quick youtube search looks like its easier to replace than a spark plug.

    2. The list of possible causes for your issue gets fairly long. It it's just a throttle position sensor the part will run about $50. It's attached to the side of the throttle body so very easy to replace, you can find a YT video for instruction. As CT says, there could be a problem with the mass airflow sensor. Other sensors that could be at fault are the MAP (manifold absolute pressure) and ECT (engine coolant temperature). You might want to have the fuel pump and fuel filter checked. The EGR valve, idle speed control valve, and EFI temperature control switch could be suspect. Other things to try that can't hurt -- replace air filter, replace spark plugs and wires, and give the throttle body a good cleaning. I'm thinking that EFI and ECT are less likely culprits since the issue manifests right at startup before the engine gets to normal operating temperature.

      1. I will note that one reason I mentioned the MAF sensor was because I went and looked up where everything was in that engine and the MAF is in an absurdly easy to access location (right on top of the hose leading out from the air filter housing), so bS you may want to just pop that out and give it a quick inspection before looking at anything else. The throttle body is behind the engine block and doesn't look too bad to get to but does require a number of hoses and sensors be disconnected first.

          1. Bumping this. I've merrily been ignoring my potential throttle position sensor issues for two months now, because it went away. Until yesterday, driving to work. Herky-jerky, rough acceleration, and the "check engine" light came on. Slight aroma of something burning when I got home.

            I'm gonna pull out my OBD-II to check the code, then pretend to look intently under the hood before deciding my next move. (I think I'm about due for changing out my spark plugs too)

  4. Filled out the FAFSA for the first time. It seems like the form should just ask for take home pay and then just tell you that is what you can afford. It would be much easier.

    1. Pfft. Kids these days.

      It became much easier a year or two ago when they stopped requiring you to complete your taxes BEFORE filling it out. Using the prior year's income is so much easier than using the current year's income.

    1. Ha! I did that a couple of times myself playing tennis, with admittedly the ball going a few less miles per hour

  5. This is getting even more Wolves-y somehow

    1. I feel bad for the die-hard Wolves fans, but as a casual Wolves fan, this is the most hilarious thing ever. Straight out of a movie.

      Of course—and bear with me here—if Butler can beat the first team with the third-stringers in a scrimmage, maybe—just maybe—you could, I don’t know, rotate the players on and off the bench, keeping everyone’s legs fresh and still maintain a high level of play? Get Butler, Towns, and Wiggins their volume by staggering their time on the court.

      Or give the starters a billion minutes every night. I suppose that’s an option, too.

        1. Reports are he already did during practice, at one point taking KAT in a scrimmage and saying he was going to beat him because he's soft. Thibs stood by and did nothing.

          1. I'm waiting for the new logo...where all the trees are on fire, or it's a pack of timberwolves around a dumpster...something along those lines.

      1. Going to be interesting to find out who knew what going into this. Seems clear Butler’s camp set this up, ESPN just happened to be in town? What did Thibs know?

        Either way, get rid of both of them and start another rebuild.

          1. I was hoping for that during the last coaching search.

            Of course, this close to the start of the season means it will definitely be Ryan Saunders.

        1. As far as I can tell, Wojnarowski is more or less getting paid by Butler. Granted I don’t have much respect for the Wolves’ FO, so all the negative reports could be true, but Wojnarowki couldn’t be doing more to get Butler out of MN if he tried.

          1. Woj is an agent shill, so that part of it isn't too surprising (although just how much water he's carrying for butler is really shameful). What I don't understand is "why Butler?" He's his agent's only client while KAT (and, heh, Thibs, which is why KAT's agent is sooooooo pissed) are with one of the largest agencies working with NBA players. So I think it must not be "more or less getting paid" he must be actually getting paid by Butler because he isn't getting any special access by doing this.

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