48 thoughts on “October 11, 2018: Apologies To Joey Adams”

    1. I prefer "mmoonn"
      Pronounced both as "moon" and as "muh-moon-en".
      Just keep adding initial m's and final n's for however many layers of turtles are stacked up:
      Do mmoonns have their own satellites? "Mmmoonnn" (both /moon/ and /muh-muh-moon-en-en/).

    1. You could consider doing side-by-side slides with the query outline on the left side (i.e. just the keywords maybe some abbreviations, sort of a SQL psuedo-code) and then putting details on the right side. You’d have to solit it across multiple slides, but it might work if the outline on the left has enough context.

  1. Just when I think it can’t get any better—Wolves cancel practice today! I’m usually not big on comparing office jobs with sports jobs, but just imagine if your boss tells everyone to just stay home because they can’t manage one guy’s outbursts. Amazing. Like, I’m not mad or jealous about it, it’s just so incredibly dysfunctional.

    1. This is such an amazing Wolves week. I’d love it if they just keep canceling them. They’ve looked like such a well-oiled machine in the preseason, who needs more practice?!?

  2. Facebook gets a lot of criticism for things, but I was just able to help Aaron Dilloway* identify some mushrooms.

    *formerly of Wolf Eyes, now recording under his own name, with his releases including my #1 albums of 2012, 2013, and maybe 2017.

    1. Man, I’ve got mushrooms like nobody’s business. We had a sickly hackberry tree take out, and the stump was all brands of rotten inside. That thing has produced a crazy variety of shroom.

      1. It was an implied consent case. The driver challenged the stop (he was driving around the middle of the night squealing his tires with very loud exhaust). Then, he was read the Advisory. After repeatedly trying to question the officer (and not answering "Will you take a breath test?" the first four times he was asked), he said he would rather take a blood test than the breath test he was offered, and the officer complied. He's now trying to say that violated his right to due process. All of this happened pre-Thompson/Trahan.

          1. Not sure who Rudy is, this wasn't with the criminal case. They had some turnover in that division, so I've pitched in to help and mostly have been allowed to pick the cases I want (so mainly, I'm visiting new counties for me or handling appeals).

            1. If I'm not mistaken, there was a criminal appeal related to this same matter, and Rudy would have been the county attorney arguing it. I thought maybe they'd do 'em together.

              That's a nice gig. How many counties are you up to now? I added a new one the other day to get up to 15. I thought that was good for about 2 seconds before remembering your travels.

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