24 thoughts on “2018 League Championship Series Game Log: MIL@LAD / BOS@HOU”

    1. Kershaw has been a great pitcher for years, but he'll probably never get his due because his post-season record (while not terrible) doesn't match his regular season record.

  1. I really want the Twins to interview Brewers bench coach Pat Murphy. I would love the Twins to hire someone who's learned from Craig Counsell. That is a manager that thinks outside of the box to an extreme.

  2. Hard to tell if the fan reached over or not with the bad camera angle. Looked like they were more protecting themselves than trying to interfere

    1. My guess is they were reaching over, but only because the seats are right at the wall. It's a bit easier to with the fan on the far right in the light blue shirt. He's clearly leaning forward with his seat already in the first row.

      1. So I was teaching confirmation class when whatever it is that happened, happened. Can you explain what this was all about to me?

        1. Altuve hit it into the first row of the right field seats. Betts timed his jump perfectly and was positioned to make the catch but his glove ran into multiple hands from the fans in the first row. West made a couple confusing calls at once, but ultimately called Altuve out because of fan interference. Umps initiated a replay review after a quick conference and it was determined the call stands, not confirmed.

          It's pretty easy to argue the fans didn't reach over and Betts did or they were both right over the wall. I think the fans reached over the wall, barely. It's a bad setup with the seats much too close to the wall.

          1. Thanks! The Red Sox announcers were talking about it, but they never really explained what had happened. Their opinion seemed to be, "I'm not sure it was the right call, but we'll take it."

  3. Not quite Woodruff homering off Kershaw, but Tony Kemp not even in the middle of the list for expected home runs.

  4. TBS, Y U No show pitch speed in your info graphic box? It is hidden in the strike zone box where I wasn't looking for it. And sometimes nowhere near the zone. With poor contrast.

    I do like the out indicator buttons. Fox's is much harder to see at a glance.

  5. Stuck around for the end of this one. That was a pretty clutch catch by Benintendi. When Bregman first hit it, I thought for sure that the game was tied.

        1. Forgot to mention that.

          Last night's game was a very good one, with requisite drama and high play in the later innings. I'm hoping that Houston can extend this series, because this is the equivalent of the World Series, with what is pretty clearly the two best teams in baseball going at it.

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