October 18, 2018: Meet The New Wolves

...same as the old Wolves. Bad shooting, bad rebounding, bad coaching, and Derrick Rose. More of the same.

That said, it was a lot closer than it should have been.

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  1. Just checked the box score. Rose played thirty effin minutes! I have made a good decision to walk away from this team so long as Thibs and Rose are around.

  2. Another scientist who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. "Luxury beverage" my @ss. 😉

    "Our analysis showed us that we're probably going to prioritize the food over the luxury beverage," Steven Davis, a coauthor of the paper and an associate professor of Earth System Science at the University of California, Irvine, tells The Salt. "In many cases, the affluent consumers will just pay more for their beer, but someone's going to have to do without the barley, and it looks like the beer industry as a whole will do with less."

          1. But you’re ignoring the glory of cherry bounce if you deny brandy...

            *yes, you can make a bounce out of any liquor...

            1. I think if you came to Wisconsin you'd eventually deny brandy as well. They thing it makes a better old fashioned for crying out loud!

              1. In my book, both brandy and mezcal make better Old Fashioneds than does whisk(e)y. I’d be willing to evaluate submissions of aged rum to determine that spirit’s suitability for Old Fashioning.

                1. I've been hitting the mezcal lately, but it hadn't occurred to me to make old fashioneds........ I'll fix that relatively quickly.

                2. Ah! You've been here too long, they've gotten to you!

                  But more seriously, I suspect the problem may be that most of the old fashioneds I've had have been not made...well. They're always overly sweet and adding Korbel to that is just gross. The best one I've had was the bourbon old fashioned at The Old Fashioned.

                  1. The overly sweet ones was always my issue with the brandy Old Fashioneds I had in Wisconsin, too, but I've made them at home with better success since then.

                    I'd almost always choose rye over any of the other options, though I may need to try one with mezcal now, too.

                    1. So with all this Old Fashioned blather, I bit. Four Roses, Small Batch. No Angostura bitters at the Beer Cave in WeHa. I asked why.
                      Me: Finished Old Man Wars. Weird Read. Why no Angostura?
                      Beer Cave He: There was a shortage of Angostura bitters in 2009; the company reported that this was caused primarily by a problem in Trinidad bottling issue that took too long to resolve. Others moved in to take their place.

  3. I have to decide by today if I want to except accept a bump up to Administrative Election Judge for the upcoming election. Along with the Equipment Manager, I think that's basically the head for the precinct.

    I did one Primary earlier this year and had little clue what I was doing. That's it. Guess they really need that new blood.

    1. I was in that mood for a few days this week. I quickly realized that it may have been from listening to comedy channels on XM. Even though I was laughing at most of the material, it put me into a really snarky mood. Back to First Wave and Lithium I guess.

  4. So, I've been reading a book that Runner daughter gave me to read, and I'm having a heck of a time with it -- Hank Green's An Absolutely Remarkable Thing. The book is interesting enough, but it's so darn...millennial! 75% of the time is spent on the main character's thinking process, and the whole time I'm thinking good God, get on with it already!

    1. I'm gonna spend six months doing nothing but playing hold 'em in the game on hopes you guys forget all about this.

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