FMD: Musical Adventures

Most of the time, I’m musically adventurous. I spend a lot of time stepping outside of artists I know and consuming a large amount of new releases in the hopes of finding new favorites.

One of the things that has seemed to ebb with my depression returning in 2018 (though it feels like it may be on the way out), though, is this adventurousness.

What’s your “finding new music” plan? Radio? Here? Elsewhere? I tend to line up somewhat neatly with Pitchfork, and use their Best New Music section as a jumping-off point. And yes, I use this place as well.

15 thoughts on “FMD: Musical Adventures”

  1. 01. "Tell Me Why" – Neil YoungAfter The Gold Rush
    02. "Arrow Island" – Aye NakoSilver Haze
    03. "Kid of Harith" – Palace MusicArise, Therefore
    04. "U Got The Look" – PrinceSign ☮' The Times
    05. "DRM-ROCK-FILL" – CasioSK-1
    06. "Less Than Thou" – The Beths Future Me Hates Me
    07. "Great Big Kiss" – Johnny ThundersSo Alone
    08 "The Prawn Song" – SuperorganismSuperorganism
    09. "Breakfast Of Champions" – Jean Grae & Quelle ChrisEverything's Fine
    10. "Spark Plug" – StereolabEmperor Tomato Ketchup

  2. New music? GOML!

    I used to get new music from the radio. But I never listen to the radio any more, so I've kind of been adrift in music that's about a decade old, with only the occasional wave of newer stuff washing over me. Probably not coincidentally, my kid will be 10 next year.

    1. I should add that over the past decade a lot of my "new" music hasn't actually been new. I've gotten much more acquainted with artists like Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, Jayhawks and Replacements, etc. It was stuff that was new to me, but not really new.

  3. I used to try to keep a nodding acquaintance with new music, but I found very little of it that I liked, so I decided there was no point. That's not a criticism--if other people like it, that's fine. We like what we like.

    1. Photographs and Memories--Jim Croce
    2. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again--Eric Carmen
    3. Empty Garden--Elton John
    4. The First Cut is the Deepest--Rod Stewart
    5. Lost in Love--Air Supply
    6. Follow You Follow Me--Genesis
    7. Ribbon of Darkness--Gordon Lightfoot
    8. Lover's Cross--Jim Croce
    9. All I Have to Do Is Dream--Everly Brothers
    10. Take a Chance On Me--ABBA

  4. Fifteen years ago, I'd basically steal anything interesting and since I had a stupidly boring desk job I could just sit and listen to records all day long. Also I was younger so I could go to every remotely interesting $5 bar show since I was fine staying out until 2 am and getting up for work the next day. It was so much easier then! I have pretty broad tastes but they're really specific? So it's pretty hard to find individual outlets that give me what I need. Here's what I do today:

    - I keep an annual playlist on Spotify (here's 2018!) with everything I'm interested in listening to as soon as I hear about it.
    - My primary method of finding stuff that's new is recommendations from the musicians I follow on Twitter of bands they love/are friends with. This has been the most helpful.
    - Once I find specific labels that have a couple bands I like, I tend to check out anything those labels put out. Ex: Double Double Whammy, Exploding in Sound, In the Red, Tiny Engines
    - I read Stereogum's Album of the Week column (Tom Breihan's the music writer whose tastes are closest to mine that I've found) to look for recommendations and to make sure I know what to add to my playlist on new release Friday.
    - I check out reviews and the periodic lists at Pitchfork & Tiny Mix Tapes to catch anything else I miss. TMT does a quarterly rap mixtape roundup which I quite like since they aren't afraid to get weird.

    1. That’s really cool Zack. I wish I had the energy or time to do those things. So I just pledged to do one of those things. Probably Sterogram’s album if the week.

  5. 1. Boom Bip & Doseone “Poetic License” [Circle]
    2. Ha Ha Tonka “Black Betty (Live)” Live in StL at Off Broadway
    3. Gang Gang Dance “(novæ terrae)” Kazuashita
    4. Elite Gymnastics “So Close to Paradise 2 (Physical Therapy Remix)” Ruin 4
    5. Julien Baker “Good News” Sprained Ankle

    6. Foster the People “Coming of Age”* Supermodel
    7. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy with Thomas A. Minor and the Picket Line “You Want That Picture” 2008.07.26 Funtown, Jeffersontown, KY
    8. Photek “The Seven Samurai (Photek Remix)” Form & Function
    9. Kelly Brothers “Falling in Love Again” Soul Food: An E-6 Mix
    T. Mix Master Mike “Vyce Grypp” Anti-Theft Device

    6. I keep thinking this song is by MGMT.

      1. Yup, I’m all in on The Beths, been keeping a keen eye out for when they hit the Twin Towns. Nothing yet.

    1. Incidentally, this was the first song I heard from these guys and I was hooked from the start. Probably watched this vid 20 times (or more) and still love it (and the song) to death!

      They also played a KEXP gig earlier this month so hopefully that will go online sometime soon.

  6. 01. Grouper - "Birthday Song" from Grid of Points
    02. Slow Mass - "Blocks" from On Watch
    03. Pool Kids - "$5 Subtweet" from Music to Practice Safe Sex To
    04. Black Belt Eagle Scout - "Indians Never Die" from Mother of My Children
    05. Payroll Giovanni & Cardo - "Thing Or 2" from Big Bossin Vol 2
    06. YOB - "Lungs Reach" from Our Raw Heart
    07. Young Thug ft. HiDoraah & Dolly - "Expensive" from Slime Language
    08. Cardi B - "Thru Your Phone" from Invasion of Privacy
    09. Curren$y ft. Action Bronson - "Scarab 38" from The Marina EP
    10. Migos - "Too Much Jewelry" from Culture II

    BT. CHAI - "Hi Hi Baby" from Pink

    This CHAI album is one of the best things I've heard in the last couple of years. A poppy rock band from Japan with hints of krautrock & punk, that's super influenced by Basement Jaxx/Chemical Brothers-style electro rock? It kicks all sorts of ass.

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